6 Ideas for Minimalist Bedroom Furniture Layouts

Minimalist households aim to have their spaces as clean and uncluttered as possible, aspiring not only to have aesthetically pleasing homes, but also organised and tidy homes. Many have wrong misconceptions about minimalist interior designing, thinking that minimalists live in cold, barren households with little to no personalised decorations and furniture. However, minimalist designing simply means keeping your home clear and minimal to give off a classy and stylish look.

Check out these 6 tips on how to design a minimalist bedroom.

1. A Minimalist Bed

A bed, bedside table, and wardrobe are undeniably the most important features of a bedroom which everyone needs, yet there are ways to ensure that these three fundamentals comply with the minimalist theme of the room. Most minimalists choose beds which are low platform, rather than the extravagant-looking canopy or four-poster beds. Apart from the fact that platform beds have a sleek and simple look, some also have no headboard or one which is integrated. In addition to neutral-coloured bedding, using a few textured pillows to go along with your bed pillows to further enhance the look is a great idea, but don’t go overboard with extra bed items which only clutter the space.

2. Uncluttered Bedside Tables

Keeping in line with the minimalist aesthetic, one or two bedside tables should be placed on either side of the bed. These bed stands should have a simple and smooth design to complement the main feature of the bedroom – the bed. Night tables typically get clustered due to the overload of unnecessary items people leave on them before they sleep. Try to only keep the absolute essentials on your bedside table: lamp, book, glasses, phone charger, TV remote. Since these tables are normally quite small, items quickly pile up and consequently ruin the look of the entire room.

Bedroom layout from Natuzzi Italia range with view of Maltese skyline
Bedroom layout from Natuzzi Italia range with view of Maltese skyline

3. A Multifunctional Wardrobe

For those who don’t have a walk-in wardrobe built in their household, another obvious bedroom must-have is a wardrobe to store clothes. Even though standard wardrobes are quite large and take up a lot of bedroom space, you can still pick one which goes with your minimalist aesthetic. Wardrobes with sliding doors, rather than ones which pull out, not only save space but are also gorgeous to look at. A great tip is to choose a wardrobe which also has a built-in mirror on the outside so that you can save further space by eliminating the need for a hanging mirror!

4. Neutral Colour Scheme

To achieve a truly soothing minimalist bedroom, forget those wild colour schemes and say hello to the stunning neutrals. Whilst overwhelming colours like bright reds and yellows won’t do in a minimalist setting, the overall colour scheme need not be the standard black, white, and grey. Colours like coffee, charcoal, chocolate, dreamy pink, and olive, along with countless others, go exceptionally well in this type of room, and bring out its personality whilst allowing you to experiment with different colours. Remember though, the colour scheme doesn’t only apply to walls and furniture; the decorations you put up should also complement the rest of the room, or it will create disharmony and throw the whole minimalist aesthetic off.

5. Symmetry is Key

A central aspect to remember when designing your minimalist bedroom is symmetry. Having items in your room placed symmetrically opposite each other creates a clean and aesthetically pleasing look. There are several ways to achieve this. For example, consider having two bedside tables to put one on each side of the bed. The same goes for lamps – if you’ve put one on the right side, put another identical lamp on the left side. Identical is the key word here; try to make all items on one side of the bedroom as identical to the other side, the middle being the centre of the bed. An artwork or picture hung over your bed, for example, should be placed in the middle so as not to imbalance the room. The same goes for rugs and bedroom benches.

6. Natural Lighting

Lighting is a powerful tool which can completely change the overall look of a room. Firstly, if possible utilise natural sunlight since it not only eliminates the need for artificial sources of light, but also gives your room the brightness which your minimalist design needs to achieve magazine-worthy looks. For night-time, consider selecting simplistic overhead lighting rather than some big chandelier. The colour of the light should also preferably be a kind of white, not yellow in any way, to suit the style of the room. Moreover, if a bedside table lamp is needed, choose plainly designed ones which match the bed in colour (typically between white, eggshell, grey, and other neutral colours). And don’t forget you’ll need one for each side of the bed for symmetrical purposes!

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