8 of the latest features to look out for in Kitchens

Colourful Cabinets

According to Houzz.com, 7 of the 10 most-saved kitchen photos uploaded in the last few months feature cabinets with some color, including four types of blue, one example of green and two black. Even if gray and white are still more common, many people are being drawn to colour and a pop of personality. What about you? Would you prefer colour in your kitchen or a more neutral look?

Marbled Quartz

The fact that quartz has an expanding pattern palette may be contributing to its growing popularity, along with other factors like its stain resistance, durability, and simple beauty. Most people want practicality and a kitchen that is easy to manage and keep clean. Materials like Quartz allow for just that.

Open Shelving

Storage is always an important element when kitchen planning. Even though most prefer shelves behind closed doors, open shelving is making a stronger presence today due to the warmth it can contribute to a space. It is often used to display glass jars filled with different dried ingredients, recipe books, mugs that are continually being used, tea and coffee and any other things that you would want to access easily but that also look pretty and not messy. Many people are opting for a combination of both open and closed shelving in their kitchens.

Pocket Doors

These are a must have for a small and stylish apartment because they are excellent space savers. Here’s how they work, in case you’re not familiar with the design: on opening, the rotary doors slide outward and then slide back into a lateral pocket. That’s where they get their name from. This system allows them to be space-efficient and to offer easy access to the space around them. They’re sleek, stylish and very durable.

Integrated and hidden extractor hood

Extractor hoods are in an advanced stage of evolution and sooner or later we will be forgetting about ceiling or hanging units in favour of tabletop units. We already have some fantastic alternatives in store, but keep a look-out for more exciting developments in this ar

Electricity power sockets inside kitchen cabinets or in-built into island

As our phones become more and more an extension of ourselves, power sockets are being requested more frequently than ever before. It is very useful not only for charging phones, tablets etc. but also for things like hand blenders or juicers. It allows for flexibility in the kitch

White everything

White has always been a favourite colour in kitchens and never goes out of fashion. It retains a fresh and clean look irrespective of the kitchen’s design features. Of course, you can add to white in many ways by way of wall renderings, accessories, and furniture in the area. You can also opt not to go 100% white by adding a woodgrain touch in the overall scheme.

Bold splashbacks

Splashbacks can provide an interesting element in the overall kitchen design. Marble and substitutes provide endless options as do wood grains and treated paper/vinyl materials as do paints. The choices are endless as long as the splashbacks provide a functional service rather than a mere aesthetic one.

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