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Archaeology shows that man has always decorated his habitat with some sort of art. Cave paintings, mosaics, frescoes, marble works and architectural ornamentation are a testament to man’s need to be surrounded by beauty in all its manifest forms.

Art and Decorative items figure prominently in any designer’s agenda and their absence stands out as interiors without them are rather soulless. Not every decorative item needs to be an antique or a designer piece nor should its presence be related to monetary value. A decorative item can be anything and its positioning should be based on its contribution to its position. Placing the right pieces in the right places makes all the difference.

At Form, we are always looking for art and decorative items that have merit and our portfolio encompasses bronzes, exquisite glassware and ceramics sourced by professionals, wood and iron artifacts, as well as modern and contemporary paintings from different locations around the world. These items can, in addition to furniture and dinner sets, form a varied selection in a wedding gifts list or even as an ideal gift for an anniversary or similar occasion. You can view some accessories from our Kave Home, Zuiver & Dutchbone collections.



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