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Rugs are an essential element in today’s world of interior design. Gone are the days where rugs were considered purely on warming merit. Rugs are part of the overall feature of modern living style just as other decorative elements are. They contribute to making up the look of a room or area. Whilst oriental and rich tapestry rugs with their rich hues, intricate patterns and craftsmanship still command respect and remain in demand, modern alternatives are able to provide similar results effectively in the colors and designs that are on trend and that are immensely good value. We have a number of these rugs available in store, please click on the links below to see some options.

An alternative type of flooring is parquet and the latest which we offer is micro-thin flooring in hard wearing vinyl that can take washing without the fear of damage and shabbiness. It is available in two versions, either click on or glued onto the existing floor and looks even more real than most parquet on the market. With traditional tiles having such a short lifespan nowadays in view of ever-changing tile size, emerging finishes, and improvements, we are often faced with the problem of dated flooring and the anguish of having to rip off entire floors.



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