Bedroom Lighting Plan Ideas

Planning out your bedroom lighting alongside the rest of the furniture is key to have a coherent room. Not just to match colours and designs with the rest of the furniture, but also to make sure that the lighting you choose will create the right mood for your bedroom. It should create a cosy and warm atmosphere as you’re winding down to go to bed, but also have enough practicality for the busy mornings and afternoons.

Check out these bedroom lighting ideas to light your bedroom and ensure that you get the right look and atmosphere for your bedroom!

Overhead Lighting

Overhead lighting is standard in most rooms of the house, and the bedroom is no exception. The only way to ensure that all parts of the room are lit, even in small bedrooms, is overhead lighting. While it won’t necessarily hit each and every corner of the room with sufficient lighting, it’s crucial for everyday activities like getting dressed and cleaning.

Wall Lights

Wall lights are very popular in bedrooms. Given the bed being the centrepiece of the room, it generally requires the lighting to be directed towards it, without it being too harsh that it disrupts your sleepiness before bed. There are three standard wall lighting plans which focus on the bed:

Next to the bed

Having two wall lights hanging near either side of the bed is a very common route to follow. They’re practical as the lights don’t hit your eyes but also give enough illumination to cover all parts of the bed. Just because they’re commonly used doesn’t mean you can’t make yours special. There are tons of interesting designs and colours which you can utilise to give your wall lights some personality, such as adjustable lights which can move towards or away from your bed to alter the atmosphere.

Above the bed

Another option is to place your lights above the bed. These are also a popular choice especially for smaller rooms given that they don’t take up more space than is needed. If one or both sides of the bed are placed alongside a wall, above bed wall lights are the perfect option to still keep your bed illuminated when you need it to be!

Attached to the bed

If you’re still at the early steps of designing your bedroom, consider buying a bed with light attached to it! Apart from saving you the hassle of having to plan, buy, and install the lights next to or above the bed, they also give a super cohesive look and are easy to clean.

Reading Lights

Reading lights are also quite common in bedrooms, especially for people who like to read in the quiet environment of their own bedroom. They’re not just useful for reading, however. Reading lights such as desk lamps or standing lamps can be functional for countless things. Read about them below:

Desk lamps

Desk lamps are essentially a must for every bedroom. Having a desk lamp allows you to read in the comfort of your bed without straining your eyes. Desk lamps are also useful for when you want a little light to create a dimly lit room to set the mood before bedtime. The downside to this lighting plan is that you must have at least one bedside table to have a desk lamp next to your bed, so they’re not the ideal option for those whose beds are up against a wall, especially in smaller bedrooms. A benefit over wall lights, however, is that they’re moveable, so they can be put on a bedside table, a work/school desk, or even a makeup vanity!

Standing lamps

Another option is a standing lamp. These are also comfortable as you can move them around anywhere in the room, all they require is a nearby socket. This is especially useful for those who have bigger rooms, as you can move your standing lamp around depending on where you need it at that specific time, allowing you to make the most out of every corner of the room. Standing lamps are quite common next to a reading chair/sofa, as your book is illuminated properly any which way you sit. These lamps offer a lot of illumination, making them an ideal choice for rooms which don’t have much natural light or a dim overhead light.

Keep Flexibility in Mind

Whatever lighting ideas you go for, flexibility is key in a bedroom. Many people, particularly pre-teens and teens, tend to use the designing of their bedroom as an expression of their personality and creativity, which is why they often redesign their whole bedroom quite often. In these cases in particular, it’s important to keep flexibility in mind when planning your lighting. Another important factor when looking into bedroom lighting ideas is flexibility. This is important to set different moods when you need to. Having a range of lighting from overhead to desk lamps is ideal to have different options when setting the atmosphere. Dimmers are also super useful in this regard. Although they’re slightly more complex to set up, they allow you to choose exactly how much illumination you want in your room at any given time, giving you total control over your bedroom’s ambience!

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