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Form has been involved in the bedding business since 1947, the year in which a connection with Dunlopillo was made and which continues to this day. Dunlopillo, the inventor of latex foam mattress, in 1929, leads a mattress line-up at Form which also includes other mattresses produced by us, using the know-how and experience acquired over the 70 years of our existence and in response to an ever-changing market.

The mattresses at the Bed Boutique are all produced locally from components sourced from leading suppliers the world over and selected for their ability to provide:

  • High level of comfort
  • Right body support
  • Durability
  • Health and hygiene benefits
  • Value for money

The main structural components of our mattress system are:

  • Latex foam blocks
  • Pocket spring units
  • Specialised polyfoams

Latex Foam Mattresses

The Latex foams used in our Dunlopillo range of mattresses are Talalay latex and 100% Natural latex foam Dunlop Process. Latex foam has a unique structure of open and interconnected cells that allow air to move freely inside the mattress with every body movement. This air change contributes to the expulsion of hot air generated by the body and its replacement by incoming fresher air. The unique open ventilation system of latex foam benefits those who suffer from respiratory ailments and provides the necessary hygiene during sleep.

Being sterile, latex is non-allergenic, does not harbour dust mites and is of benefit to allergy sufferers. In terms of comfort, latex mattresses score highly as a result of Natural latex’s resilience; the ability to bounce back with every body movement, always at the ready to contour to the sleeper’s body shape. It is the quality and density of the latex product that determines the correct support the user requires and the durability for a good number of years and this is borne out by our products over the last 70 years.

The Latex foam used in the Dunlopillo Classic has superior elasticity and open cell structure due to the Talalay method of manufacture whilst the Dunlop Process latex is made from 100% natural latex making our latex range the best the market can offer.

The Latex Selection:

  1. Core: Dunlopillo Talalay Latex foam
  2. Rating: Firm 1LD 40
  3. Cover: Natural fibres/zipped-washable with internal protective cover
  4. Height: 15 cm
  5. Sizes: All standard sizes and made to measure
  6. Classification: General use but particularly for allergy and back pain cases
  7. Bed Frame: Ventilated slatted base
  1. Core: 100% Natural Latex Dunlop Process
  2. Rating: Firmness D 80
  3. Cover: Natural fibres /zipped -washable with internal protective cover
  4. Height: 15 cm
  5. Sizes: All standard sizes and made to measure
  6. Classification: General use but particularly for allergy and back pain sufferers
  7. Bed frame: Ventilated slatted base
  1. Core: 100 % Natural latex, Gel comfort layer and bottom profile foam diffuser
  2. Rating: Medium
  3. Cover: Natural fibres /zipped-washable plus internal protective cover
  4. Height: 21 cm
  5. Sizes: All standard sizes and made to measure
  6. Classification: Luxury
  7. Bed frame: Ventilated slatted base/box spring divan
  1. Core: 100% Natural Latex D80, super Gel comfort topper
  2. Rating: Medium/firm
  3. Cover: Natural fibres /zipped – washable plus internal protective cover
  4. Height: 20 cm
  5. Sizes: All standard sizes and made to measure
  6. Classification: Luxury
  7. Bed frame: Ventilated slatted base/box spring divan

Pocket Spring Mattresses

We introduced the Pocket Spring mattress in the year 2000 and it was an immediate success with our discerning customers due to its ability to provide focused and independent sleep. The pocket spring unit is made up of hundreds of barrel-shaped springs that are individually pocketed and interconnected to each other. Different springs come into play with every bodily movement providing the sleeper with the support required for every different sleeping position.

Independent sleep is achieved by a couple on a double unit from the independent movement of the springs as there is no side to side spring ties that create a hammock situation. The Quality of a pocket spring mattress depends on the number of springs used, the spring makeup and the strength of the spring wire used as well as the quality, density and thickness of the fillings over the spring unit.

The pocket spring mattresses at Bed Boutique use an American multizone spring unit, which has been engineered to provide firmer back support as well as softer areas for the shoulders, pelvis and the lower leg that ensure pressure and stress relief, so important for a good night’s sleep. Different fillings are used on the several models available.

The Pocket Spring Selection:

  1. Core: Multizone pocket spring unit with edge support, high density wave foam surface topper and flute profile base
  2. Rating: Medium to firm
  3. Cover: Natural fibres/ Zipped-washable
  4. Height: 21 cm
  5. Sizes: All standard sizes and made to measure
  6. Classification: General use
  7. Bed frame: Any, preferably ventilated
  1. Core: Pocket spring unit, top and bottom polyfoam layers
  2. Rating: Medium
  3. Cover:  Natural fibres / assorted patterns-colour / not washable
  4. Height: 19 cm
  5. Sizes: All standard sizes and made to measure
  6. Classification: General use: domestic /contract
  7. Bed frame: Any, preferably ventilated
  1. Core: Multizone spring unit , high density wave and diffuser profile foams plus high grade
    interchangeable memory foam and gel luxury comfort layers.
  2. Rating: Medium
  3. Cover: Natural fibre surfaces / reinforced border fabric: Zipped /Dry Clean Only. Also internal
    protective lining
  4. Height: 28 cms
  5. Sizes: all standard sizes and made to measure
  6. Classification: luxury
  7. Bed frame: Any, preferably ventilated

Polyfoam Mattresses

Polyfoam mattresses contain synthetic foams that have been developed as an economic alternative to latex foam. The mattresses work in a similar way to latex but are made from petro chemical derivatives. They also have a cellular structure that allows air change inside the mattress and the new generation of foams provide comfort options that are highly regarded. They are also non-allergenic

The Polyfoam mattress range at the Bed Boutique, make use of the most innovative foams in the bedding world such as gel infused foam, open cell gel foam and visco elastic foam. Different specialzed foams are also used in combination with other foam types (and other products such as latex or springs) rather than singly and are selected due to their individual strengths. Visco elastic foam popularly known as Memory foam is used mainly as a topper. The top part of what is popularly known as a Memory foam mattress provides a sink in feel with slow recovery and offers high levels of comfort as well as pressure and stress relief. A good memory foam is one that has a very high foam density (65 up). It is invariably supported by a bottom block of polyurethane foam.

Gel foams provide increased ventilation in block foam mattress as the cellular structure of foams especially memory foam, is not efficient in temperate climates like ours.

The Polyfoam Selection:

  1. Core: Layered foam construction with top gel layer over high grade memory foam core supported by an elasticated foam base
  2. Rating: Medium with soft memory features
  3. Cover: Natural fibres/zipped – washable: pattern/colour as available
  4. Height: 16 cm
  5. Sizes: All sizes and made to measure
  6. Classification: Luxury feel
  7. Bed frame: Good ventilated slatted base
  1. Core: Flexible high density foam
  2. Rating: Medium
  3. Cover: Natural fibres  /colour -patterns as available
  4. Height:  15 cm
  5. Sizes: All sizes and made to measure
  6. Classification: General use
  7. Bed frame: Good ventilated slatted base

Bespoke Beds & Headboards

We produce a number of beds and headboards to our customers choice of size and specifications as well as fabrics. Our beds are fully upholstered and are available on legs (wood or coated metal) or with a high border with wooden feet. The latter are available with a storage option and even with a raised system that makes bed making less arduous and retains the storage function. All our beds can be fitted with motorized adjustable bed frames made in the EU having strong birch wooden slats and German motors

The bed frames we use are wooden slatted systems mounted on a metal bed frame. A firm 20 slat system is the standard but a multi twin slat superior system is available that allows the user to adjust the firmness at the bed frame level. The bed Boutique is proud to add the revolutionary OKE Goodside slat system to its portfolio. The new system is a breakthrough product in bed frame technology and consists of flexible slats made out of fibre glass. Different slat hardnesses permit the customer to select the firmness according to their personal preference and to adjust it without hassle and without affecting base flexibility and ventilation.

Goodside bed frames can be fitted to all our locally produced flat bed models.



Single or double, high or low, wall paneled headboards, buttoned, tufted, dimpled, you name it, we can do it, in any size, shape and in any fabric.

Our skilled craftsmen have been making beds and sofas for many years and have delivered in terms of workmanship and especially detail. Feel free to come over with your ideas and allow us to quote. Our standard price list for headboards caters for many types and design options in most sizes.

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