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Six generations of Swedish comfortable bed making tradition. Unrivaled comfort. Handmade with passion.  Hästens only use ethically-sourced sustainable resources and natural materials to craft a Hästens bed. The purest flax, wool and cotton, slow-grown Swedish pine and genuine hypoallergenic horsehair.

Hästens has always been driven by a passion for sleep and the benefits it brings to the body and soul. It’s sleep that makes the difference to life, a natural process that cannot be replicated, bought over a counter or swallowed in a pill. You cannot cheat your way to perfect sleep but there are things that you can do to understand why it’s important and ensure you give yourself the best chance of a great night’s sleep.

Visit our Sleep Spa to test the beds and discover the benefits of sleeping in the world’s greatest beds. Feel free to just walk in or make an appointment.

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