Form has been involved in the bedding business since 1947, the year in which a connection with Dunlopillo was made and which continues to this day. Dunlopillo, the inventor of latex foam mattresses in 1929, leads a mattress line-up at Form which also includes other mattresses produced by us, using the know-how and experience acquired over the 70 years of our existence and in response to an ever-changing market.

The mattresses at the Bed Boutique are all produced locally from components sourced from leading suppliers the world over and selected for their ability to provide:

  • A high level of comfort
  • Right body support
  • Durability
  • Health and hygiene benefits
  • Value for money

The main structural components of our mattress system are:

  • Latex foam blocks
  • Pocket spring units
  • Specialised polyfoams

Latex Mattresses

Dunlopillo D80

Made from a sap extracted from the rubber tree, the original latex foam mattress was invented by Dunlopillo and remains one of the most popular mattresses worldwide. Made from 100% natural latex, the DUNLOPILLO D80  is able to contour to every body’s curved shape to provide the correct support and to react to every body movement. The resilience of a natural latex mattress having the right density, provides the required body support and its durability. The cellular structure of Latex foam ensures hygiene whilst you sleep and does not harbour dust which is especially beneficial to those who suffer from allergies and respiratory ailments.

The Mattress Core

The mattress core is 100% Natural latex foam 15 cm high.

The latex block has a multizone layout with a firmer central zone for correct back support and softer areas at the shoulder and pelvic area to provide stress and pressure relief.

This mattress is particularly suitable for back sufferers and works best in tandem with a curved slat base.

Dunlopillo 80 can be used with motor adjustable bed bases to best effect

The latex core is placed in a cotton mesh envelope for protection and ease of handling

  • Firmness : Medium to Firm
  • Category : a top rated product that delivers comfort, support and durability
  • Available in all sizes and special sizes
  • Cover : The mattress comes with a zipped cover having a sleeper’s surface in natural fibres. Professional cleaning is required
  • Height 15cm : Also available in a 20cm thickness


KOOL combines a firm 100% Natural latex foam central core sandwiched between 2 new generation Endurance open cell foams. 

The high density foam at the base has an eggbox shaped profile designed to enhance the exit of air at the bottom of the mattress to counteract the effects of any condensation in the sleeping area whilst the softer surface layer provides a luxurious feel to the mattress without compromising durability due to its high compression ratings.  

KOOL provides correct body alignment with luxurious and refreshing sleep due to the successful combination of the complementary cellular system of the different open cell components and is designed with our often humid Mediterranean clime in mind. KOOL is a good choice for lovers of latex foam mattresses and has been successful in the Malta market over the years. 

  • Firmness : Medium to Firm at the centre with a soft luxury surface.
  • Category : Luxury
  • Available in all sizes even special sizes  
  • Removable zipped flat cover sizes 160 and 180 are also available in zipped fresh cotton /fibre mix quilted versions.   
  • Height : 21 cm 

Pocket Spring Mattresses

We introduced the Pocket Spring mattress in the year 2000 and it was an immediate success with our discerning customers due to its ability to provide focused and independent sleep. The pocket spring unit is made up of hundreds of barrel-shaped springs that are individually pocketed and interconnected. Different springs come into play with every bodily movement providing the sleeper with the support required for every change in the sleeping position.

Independent sleep is achieved by a couple on a double unit from the movement of the individual springs as there are no side to side spring ties that create a hammock situation. The Quality of a pocket spring mattress depends on the number of springs used, the spring makeup and the strength of the spring wire used as well as the quality, density and thickness of the fillings over the spring unit.

The pocket spring mattresses at Bed Boutique use an American multizone spring unit, which has been engineered to provide firmer back support at the centre and softer areas for the shoulders, pelvis and lower leg to ensure pressure and stress relief, so important for a good night’s sleep. Different fillings are used on the several models available.


Breeze is the latest addition to our top of the range mattress line up. Breeze will appeal instantly to most sleepers and deliver deep refreshing sleep supported by a combination of different luxurious quality components. 

Designed to provide comfort by eliminating heat generation during sleep, BREEZE is composed of the most innovative components on the world market with different generous layers of open cell foams throughout over a trusted multizone pocket spring unit.

Under the Coolgraph luxury surface layer (see Celestial for more on Coolgraph lies another open cell super resilient layer that lends enormous elasticity to the surface layer and adds to its durability to ensure that the mattress retains its performance over the years.

Another highly resilient layer lies over a tested multizone pocket spring unit to provide proper support, independent sleep and focused support to the sleeper without detracting from the luxurious sleep provided by the surface layers.

  • Firmness rating : Medium
  • Category : Top of the range – Luxury
  • Available in all regular sizes and special sizes
  • Cover : Top quality elasticated woven fabric to enhance the performance of the Zipped flat cover. A quilted cover with cotton and linen fibres is available in standard sizes. A made to measure quilted cover version is also available with a Tencel surface with a cotton/fibre mix. The cover is to be cleaned professionally.
  • Height : 27cm


Celestial was conceived in response to numerous requests for luxurious “sink-in” mattresses experienced abroad or perceived. When designing this mattress we made sure that the soft foam layers would not lose their ability to support the body as soft foams are wont to do and that the selected foams do not generate heat as do most soft foams particularly traditional viscoelastic / Memory foams and other conventional soft foams. 

Celestial is built around a tested multizone pocket spring system so as to provide proper body support over which we have placed 3 open cell new generation foam layers. An Endurance layer lies immediately atop the spring unit and serves as a base for Coolgraph, the most innovative foam around.  

Coolgraph is a new generation memory foam with a major difference. Infused with graphene, recognized as the best heat conductor around, Coolgraph is also open-cell and does not rely on heat generation to provide the sink in effect that other closed cell memory foams need. Coolgraph provides the comfort and luxury feel associated with traditional Vicso elastic memory foam but rather than generating heat in the mattress, it disperses it providing the sleeper with a refreshing sleep. Coolgraph boasts that it is 10,000 times cooler than any other memory foam and enjoys a temperature change on impact.

The Coolgraph layer also has a very high-density rating to ensure that it retains its ability to retard sagging over a longer period.  

Over and above Coolgraph, we also placed  Omnisoft, another open cell layer having high compression so as to provide more luxurious refreshing sleep making Celestial the “sink in” mattress that will provide the sleep that you may have been looking for. 

Celestial remains a favourite with side sleepers and lightweight sleepers. Despite its softness, Celestial remains a mattress that delivers independent sleep and focused support. 

  • Firmness : Medium to Soft
  • Category : Luxury 
  • Available in all sizes and special sizes 
  • Cover : Flat cover zipped. Quilted upgrade with Natural fibre fabric and linen and cotton filling. 
  • Height : 26 cm 


A mattress that combines the merits of springs with those of natural latex foam, the world’s premier bedding material. 

Moonlight will appeal to sleepers with a preference for a medium to firm mattress, one which responds promptly to every body movement due to the multizone pocket spring unit at the centre. A high resilient Endurance foam layer provides additional support to the generous 100% Natural latex foam layer at the sleeper’s surface.  

Independent sleep and focused support are common to both multizone spring and latex foam mattresses and MOONLIGHT combines the best features of both. 

  • Firmness : Medium to Firm
  • Category : top of the range
  • Available in all sizes as well as special sizes
  • Cover : same options as Celestial and Breeze
  • Height : 24 cm


Comfort top 

Rest assured that when you sleep on our Chevalier model, you will experience maximum comfort and relaxation. Thanks to the technological Comfort Top design, we can offer you a product whose amazing sensations will provide you with astounding and exclusive quality.

Main Features:

  • Core : 14 cm pocket spring with 3 comfort zones, 3 cm latex, and 3 cm Foam
  • Support : Medium or Firm.
  • Upper Fabric : 100% Viscose.
  • Upper Padding : 400 gr/m Trevira, 400 gr/m2 Camel Wool, 400 gr/m2 Bamboo Fiber, 400 gr/m2 Mohair, 2 cm latex, 500 gr/m2 Cotton and 2 cm Foam Comfort.
  • Lower Fabric : Non-slip fabric.

Lower Padding Features:

  • 600 gr/m2 Microclimate fiber.
  • Side Handles : 8 horizontal embroidered handles.
  • Buttons : 100% wool yarn.
  • Firmness : Medium and Firm. M/F option on the same double mattress.
  • Height : 32 cm.
  • Total Number of springs : 800 springs in size 180×200 cm.


SARABAND retains the original composition of the first pocket spring we produced and still remains in our mattress lineup due to its successful track record.

The Mattress interior:

All spring mattresses at the Bed Boutique have the same tested multizone spring unit produced by the world’s largest spring producer. Each unit has a flat metal edge to provide stability to the springs as well as to strengthen the areas where the sleeper enters and exits the bed. This feature goes a long way towards preventing spring damage and sagging at the perimeter.

Each surface is lined with a generous layer of Endurance foam having a higher density than the norm that enhances the comfort provided by the springs as well as provides durability to the mattress. The mattress is reversible.

  • Firmness : Saraband carries a Medium rating having a firmer central area and softer shoulder and pelvic area.
  • Category : Saraband is a no frills all purpose mattress with a higher than average quality rating due to the quality of the spring unit and the foams used.Excellent value for money especially for home starters.
  • Available for all regular and special sizes
  • Zipped cover :  cleaning recommended. Flat fabric of average mattress fabric weight and quality.
  • Height : 19cm

Polyfoam Mattresses

Mattresses made of monoblock foam or having different layers of foam offer an inexpensive alternative to latex foam, the acknowledged premier bedding material. 

Foam is made from a mix of chemicals having a petrochemical origin.  The quality of foam lies in the quantum of the weight of its components, not in its hardness. Being an industrial product produced in large volumes, it offers an economical alternative to other mattress types such as springs and particularly those with natural materials such as latex or other fillings such as wool, cotton, coir and horsehair. 

Foams can deliver comfort with the right combination of different foams but will remain a less expensive alternative to the more sophisticated mattress types in terms of durability. 


DIPLOMAT is a foam mattress made up of 2 layers of Endurance foam giving the sleeper a choice between a firm side and a medium one with the latter offering more contouring possibilities. The medium surface shelling is beneficial to side sleepers as firm mattresses can constrict blood circulation, especially in the shoulder area. 

The Diplomat mattress has an open cell foam structure providing improved ventilation inside the mattress and more hygiene. 

  • Firmness : Medium/Form options
  • Category : Good value for money 
  • Available in all sizes
  • Cover : Zipped flat weave. 
  • Height : 20cm , Reversible

Mattresses with Natural Fillings


If you are after a mattress that is 100% made from natural vegetal fillings, consider the Cocolat option. Made from a combination of natural latex with other vegetal materials such as coir (coco fibre) or sisal, Cocolat combines materials used for centuries in the East with natural latex, a native of the East but a favourite of the West where the original latex foam mattress was invented in 1929 by Dunlop UK and marketed under the Dunlopillo name. 

All components are harvested and sustainable and provide the sleeper with the sensation of sleeping with Nature free from gases released by petrochemical products. 

Natural latex, being a natural product, provides levels of comfort to the Cocolat mix that Westerners are used to whilst the other vegetal fibres provide varying levels of support from extra firm to firm and medium as well as superb ventilation in the mattress. A Cocolat mattress can be custom made to suit your preference and will give you the best ventilated sleep imaginable as the structure made from vegetal coir and other fibres is beyond compare in this regard making it eminently suitable in our climate.

  • Firmness rating : from Extra firm to medium depending on the preferred mix 
  • Category :  custom made
  • Available in most sizes even special sizes 
  • Flat cover with natural fibres 
  • Height : 24cm , Reversible

SUENO ARTESANO by Dunlopillo

Each Sueno Artesano mattress in this Luxury collection is handmade by master craftsmen in Spain combining traditional skills, constant innovation and a unique design to provide unparalled support, comfort and luxury. 

Each mattress in the collection is upholstered with generous layers of natural, sustainable and breathable fibres which promote airflow and actively helps to reduce moisture and to regulate body temperature to create the perfect environment for the most comfortable, natural sleep. 

Hermitage and Louvre are hand tufted for long lasting comfort and support. Metropolitan has a summer and winter side. For more details refer to: www.dunlopillo.es and look up Sueno Artesano.

The collection includes also beds and accessories. 

  • Firmness : Standard – Medium – Firm versions available
  • Category : Luxury
  • Available in most sizes and even custom sizes   
  • Cover : woven natural fibres 
  • Height : Varies according to model
  • Reversible

Bespoke Beds & Headboards

We produce a number of beds and headboards to our customers’ choice of size and specifications as well as fabrics. Our beds are fully upholstered and are available on legs (wood or coated metal) or with a high border with wooden feet. The latter is available with storage in both manual and motorized versions. All our beds can be fitted with motorized adjustable bed frames made in the EU having strong birch wooden slats and German motors

The bed frames we use are wooden slatted systems mounted on a metal bed frame. A firm 20 slat system is standard but a multi twin slat superior system is available that allows the user to adjust the firmness at the bed frame level. The revolutionary OKE Goodside slat system is also available. The OKE system is a breakthrough product in bed frame technology and consists of flexible slats made out of fibre glass. Different slat hardnesses permit the customer to select the firmness according to their personal preference and to adjust it without the hassle and without affecting base flexibility and ventilation.

Goodside bed frames can be fitted to all our locally produced flat bed models.


Single or double, high or low, wall panelled headboards, buttoned, tufted, dimpled, you name it, we can do it, in any size, shape and in any fabric.

Our skilled craftsmen have been making beds and sofas for many years and have delivered in terms of workmanship and especially detail. Feel free to come over with your ideas and allow us to quote. Our standard price list for headboards caters for many types and design options in most sizes.

Pillows, Mattress Protectors, Sheets & Duvets

Kindly visit us in stores to view our collection of pillows, mattress protectors and duvets.