Bespoke Lineup at The Bed Boutique

Dentro c’e’ molto di piu di quello che vedete

Applied to mattresses, the expression in Italian sums up what we have been saying all along on the subject of mattresses.

Loosely translated it states that there is more inside (a mattress) than the eye can see and our zipped cover mattresses ensure that you get what we say about the interior of our mattresses namely about the type and quality of the components as well as the correct material volumes, each selected to ensure high comfort levels, proper support, refreshing sleep, and durability. 

The Latex Foam Range

FORM can never forget the roots from where it started and Dunlopillo remains a brand close to our heart: with living proof that for the last 75 years in Malta, the quality and comfort of Dunlopillo has survived the test of time despite the competition, recessions and restrictions and still remains a brand of distinction worldwide. The Dunlopillo lineup today includes hybrid models incorporating specialized foams that work in perfect tandem with latex foam.

The Pocket Spring Range

FORM introduced pocket springs to Malta in the year 2000. The selection of the right spring unit that combined independent sleep with focused support ensured the acceptance of our new line of mattresses from day one. Today the spring range at the Bed Boutique has been expanded to include models that combine spring with latex foam and also with innovative new generation foams that provide refreshing sleep and luxurious deep sleep.

Want to upgrade your mattress?

Our new covers are the cherry on the cake. For many years, we refrained from covering our mattresses with heat-generating materials, especially those containing synthetic fibres in the quilted surfaces, as we always believed that they made no sense in the balmy and hot climate of Malta and more appropriate in the cold North.

We have traditionally used flat cotton fabrics as well as fabrics made from other natural fibres such as Bamboo and Tencel which complement the cellular ventilation features of most of our mattress interiors.

We are proud to have designed our mattresses in tune with the climatic conditions of Malta and to have kept faith in our mission to provide the super comfort and the most refreshing sleep possible in circumstances other than recourse to air conditioning.

In addition we have now introduced a new and optional collection of quilted covers with a difference and mainly as an aesthetic improvement to our mattresses.  The quilted material comprises layers of cotton and linen that along with the fabric having natural fibres are the first points of contact with the sleepers’ body and have the ability to absorb and dissipate body heat. The mattress core continues the process of heat dissipation due to the inherent features of the different very special and unique components we selected for a number of our models.

Introducing COOLER

And even more, especially for those who suffer from our excessive summer heat, we have the pleasure of introducing COOLER, an extraordinary fabric that has to be felt to be believed.

COOLER, believe it or not,  actually emits coolness to the touch and lowers body temperature significantly. COOLER can be requested at an extra charge for one side of your mattress to provide additional freshness whilst you sleep.

If you are considering purchasing a softer topper over a mattress that is too firm to your liking, you can order a topper with one standard side with COOLER on the other side as a  summer/winter option.

Once you have experienced COOLER, you might even consider using it as a sofa cover during summer or even as part of your apparel.

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