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Lighting Ideas for your Dining Room

Oftentimes the most difficult part of furnishing a room, lighting can very easily be overdone or underdone. In a dining room, lighting is essential as it’s a space to eat and chat during fam…

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Tips for Saving Wardrobe Space!

Tips and tricks to save valuable wardrobe space! Check them out below. Multi-Use Hangers Especially useful for thin Summer clothes, having more than 1 item on each hanger easily saves so muc…

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Dutchbone Lighting Promo

Take advantage of a 10% discount across our Dutchbone range of lighting. The offer is valid from Thursday 20 January till Sunday 30 January and can be ordered both online through our online …

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How to Furnish your Home Office

For students and remote workers, having a home office in which they can solely focus on their work without outside distractions is essential. In order to create the perfect environment for c…

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How to Clean Living Room Furniture

Everyone owns furniture, but not everyone knows the proper maintenance for each piece of furniture they own. Understanding the upkeep process of each item in your home allows for longer last…

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