Tips on how NOT to arrange your bedroom furniture

Designing a bedroom layout is different for each and every person given the differences in shapes and sizes with bedrooms. Since it’s where many people spend most of their time at home, it’s vital that their bedroom is designed with both aesthetics and functionality in mind. Some people gravely miss the mark when arranging their bedroom furniture, so we’ve compiled a few tips on what NOT to do when designing your bedroom furniture to make your life a little easier! Check them out below:

DON’T overdo on furniture

Especially important for smaller bedrooms, overdoing on furniture is a big mistake when designing a bedroom. For many, specifically children, teens, and young adults, one’s bedroom is the only room in the house that is just theirs, so some fall into the habit of putting in as much items as possible. However, a bedroom shouldn’t be packed with furniture, so much so that you can barely move around the room. Since the main furniture items in a bedroom are quite large – bed, wardrobe, bedside table, dresser – it’s important to plan whatever other furniture you want to include beforehand to check whether there’s enough space in your bedroom. ‘Extra’ furniture like desks, bookshelves, and reading chairs may make the room look cluttered and take away any moving space whatsoever. This also reminds us that precise planning is vital – measure your room and the items you want to include beforehand so that you have a clear vision of the room ahead of time.

DON’T ignore functionality

Following the previous point, if you have the space to include extra furniture, go right ahead! But don’t forget about functionality. Even with a huge room, it’s easy to go overboard with unnecessary items and end up with little to no spare space. While a hanging chair may add an artsy and relaxed vibe to the room, it probably won’t be as used as a standard chair in the long run, and take up much more space. Coat racks are another good example. Despite them being useful for hanging bags, belts, hats, and jackets of all kinds, there’s a good chance that they’ll simply end up being used for any and all items which can more or less be hung. Apart from its instability, leading to everything falling on the floor when things get piled up, it just takes the space of something which may be more functional to the owner, and is most of the time not worth it.  Furthermore, when friends come over, a comfy chair would be much more useful than a wonky coat rack! Most importantly remember that a premium quality mattress will make your night’s sleep a world of a difference.

DON’T misuse the space

Some bedrooms are more challenging than others to design. Whilst some conveniently have perfectly rectangular rooms, others struggle with L-shaped ones or ones with sharp edges. Since each room is different in both shape and size, it’s important to take the dimensions and shape of the room in consideration when planning your bedroom. How should the bed be placed and at what angle? Should it face the door or the window? Which options take up the least space while still making it the star of the room? These are all questions which need to be answered. Moreover, whilst you should make the most out of every corner of the room, make sure that the space looks balanced. So for example, you should place a circular or spherical item in a sharp corner (like a round chair) to visually soften the space.

DON’T forget about storage

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of designing (or re-designing) your bedroom, and people often forget that having ample storage space in your bedroom is important. When planning the room, keep in mind places which can be utilised to store things that may be needed throughout the year, such as off-season clothes. You can do this by, for example, choosing a small but wide wardrobe instead of a bigger one so that you can place off-season clothes in boxes and store on top of the furniture. This makes it easily accessible for when seasons change while also being out of the way, especially for smaller bedrooms. Another great bedroom storage investment is a storage bench which is placed in front of the bed. Whilst it does take away some moving space, it can be extremely useful for small and big bedrooms alike as it can fit loads of items AND double as a seat for yourself and guests!

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