How to Clean Living Room Furniture

Everyone owns furniture, but not everyone knows the proper maintenance for each piece of furniture they own. Understanding the upkeep process of each item in your home allows for longer lasting products which continue to look as good as new years after their purchase. For busy homeowners, especially those with children who are not able to clean their furniture as frequently as others, it is vital that proper care for each item is given importance to.

When it comes to how to clean furniture, each piece of furniture is different given the varying materials. So, here are some basic living room furniture items which can be found in most homes, and how to clean each one properly to keep your living area looking brand new!

Keeping sofas clean

For general cleaning of sofas, the first thing to do is to ALWAYS check the manufacturer’s instructions for care, which can be found on your sofa’s tags. These will tell you exactly how to clean your sofa specifically based on the type of materials used to make it. Going against the manufacturer’s directives may result in permanent damage of your sofa, so be careful! These tags may include either W (use only water-based cleaners), S/W (use either water-based or solvent cleaners), or S (use only solvent cleaners), to tell you what kind of cleaner you should use on your sofa. Before using these cleaners for stains and discoloured spots, make sure to vacuum on, around, and under the cushions to remove crumbs and other dirt particles.

Cleaning hack! For nasty stains, vinegar is your best friend and the ideal choice. How to get rid of stains:

  • Simply add a few drops of household white vinegar to a half cup of water and pour the mixed liquid into a spray bottle
  • Apply the solution to the stained area and pat with a dry paper towel
  • IMP! Remember to tap the stain and NOT rub it with the paper towel, as rubbing will only cause the stain to absorb deeper into the sofa

Cleaning Wooden Shelves

There are countless methods to clean wooden single shelves, bookshelves, and wall systems. The simplest cleaning tactic is by getting a clean cloth and dampening with water and detergent. Move all items from the shelves and wipe the surfaces and sides to remove dirt and dust. Having a minimalistic layout helps with reducing the need to clean items out on display. This is a super quick and easy solution for a swift clean, especially for busy homeowners. TIP: When cleaning bookshelves and wall systems, go from top to bottom, so that any particles which fall from a shelf will go on one which is yet to be cleaned.

Use a clean cloth and dampen it with water and detergent

For a deeper clean, some suggest using pure vinegar as a cleaning solution, however it is NOT ideal for wooden furniture as it ‘eats’ the wood and quickly damages it. Nonetheless, vinegar can be used to make a wood cleaner by mixing white vinegar, olive oil, and water in a spray bottle to use with a clean cloth. Just remember to shake the bottle before spraying to ensure that the oil remains mixed, and enjoy the smooth, shiny finish!

Wiping Glass Tables

Undoubtedly the material which needs more frequent care than others is glass. Many households have glass coffee tables in their living rooms or dining tables made out of glass, understandably given the elegance of the material and how it pulls the room together. Since glass immediately marks with fingerprints and dust, glass furniture needs to be cleaned regularly to keep its shiny surface in tip-top shape. Thankfully, this material is very easy to clean and can look as good as new in just a few minutes!

How to clean glass furniture:

  • Remove all items on the surface
  • Wipe with a clean, dry, microfiber cloth to remove most of the dust
  • Spray glass cleaner and wipe down again with a cloth. Another option instead of glass cleaner is to use warm water, since manufactured cleaning solutions often have unknown chemicals
  • For sticky spots, spray some white vinegar on the area and pass over with a cloth
  • Finally, make sure that the whole area is dry from water/cleaner, and polish until its shine is revived!

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