How to Furnish your Home Office

For students and remote workers, having a home office in which they can solely focus on their work without outside distractions is essential. In order to create the perfect environment for concentration, the choice of furniture and the way the office is designed needs a lot of thought, and varies greatly from person to person.

Check out these must-haves for your home study and some interior designing tips to get your office in tip-top shape!

1. Choose a Desk

An obvious starter for a study area is a desk. Yet with so many types, designs, shapes, and colours, which one should you choose for your specific study? Most decisions come down to the individual’s taste and budget, as well as the room’s capacity. Having neat, tidy and clean space is proven to boost productivity. The desk’s height, for example, is an important feature to think about before buying. Its top should be levelled with your waist and ribcage so that your elbows can rest comfortably on the table. Whilst comfort is obviously important in every room, it is vital for you to feel comfortable in your study given the long hours you’d spend working and keeping attentive.

2. Choose a Chair

The second undeniable must-have for a study is a desk chair. Although desk chairs are pretty standard, make sure to go for one with comfortable padding since you’ll need something comfy for those extensive work hours. If you’re at a store, sit on it for a bit to get a feel of its cushioning. Moreover, ensure that the chair you go for is adjustable in height and fits with the desk you’ve chosen.

Doulton Office Chair in Vintage Brown from Dutch brand Zuiver

Tip! If you’re someone who gets distracted easily, try not to select a chair which rotates and rolls to make sure that you stay laser focused on your work.

3. Think about Lighting

Due to the long hours of staring at a laptop screen or sheets of paper, having proper lighting in your study is vital to protect your eyes from unnecessary damage. If you have a window or balcony which provides natural sunlight during the day, have your furniture facing the wall beside it if possible. This allows the sunlight to fill your study well enough to see your papers without squinting, and without it being too direct that it hurts your eyes. For night-time, apart from the standard overhead lighting, desk lamps are extremely useful as they give enough light to easily see your notes, and the intensity of light can be adjusted by changing the lamp’s positioning.

4. Add a Bookshelf

Bookshelves are very common additions to studies since they fill the room without adding unnecessary clutter. Given the variety of bookshelves in size, type, design, and colour, a bookshelf which fits your study’s style shouldn’t be hard to find. Even with rooms which have awkward wall sizes and spaces, nowadays you can customise your bookshelf to perfectly fit your specific study and your personal style. If you’re not one who favours books, bookshelves can also be used for showcasing items like artworks, photo frames, small plants, and cute knickknacks. They’re also quite useful for organising files/documents and conveniently displaying to-do lists.

5. Consider Room Space

When furnishing a study, as well as other rooms in the house, keeping the room space in mind is absolutely vital. You don’t want to fill your study with needless items which clutter your space and distract you while you work. Strictly stick to the basics – desk, chair, table lamp, and bookshelf – if your room is small. If you have some breathing space and would like to fill it, don’t go overboard. Pick a comfy lounge chair to set next to your windowsill for your study breaks, or maybe a nice plant next to your desk for a natural setting. Adding a rug also allows you to personalise your study without taking up space.

6. Decide on a Colour Scheme

Apart from more-or-less matching the colour and style of your study to the rest of the house, the specific designs and colours all depend on your personality and personal taste. Neutral colours work best for those who get easily distracted, as they create a calming and relaxing setting. Colourful colours are best known to get your creative juices flowing, so if creativity is an important part of your course/job, you may want to go for some fun-coloured furniture and decorations. Whatever palette you choose, make sure that each piece of furniture matches in terms of colour scheme to create a coherent and harmonising environment.

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