Living Room Lighting Ideas

Being the heart of every household, the living room is the most difficult room to furnish as every aspect becomes important to set the overall atmosphere. With lighting, there are so many options available that many become overwhelmed and end up going for the easiest choice for simplicity’s sake. So, we’ve compiled some info on lighting options for living rooms to help you check one thing off your list!

Firstly, the best lighting for any room is natural light, so when possible, all of these lighting plan ideas should be matched with some degree of natural light. Even a little goes a long way.

There are three general types of living room lighting: Ambient, Task, and Mood. The best way to light a living room is to combine all three, permitted your living room has the space for it.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is essentially standard lighting. The point of this kind of lighting is to ensure that the general room is bright, and everything can be seen with ease. The brightness in ambient lighting is very important, as it cannot be too bright nor too dull. Although its main function is to provide overall illumination to the room, it doesn’t mean it has to be boring. There are still countless different choices to make in terms of style, placing, size, etc.

Task Lighting

Task lighting differs from ambient lighting in that it is, as the name suggests, utilised functionally. Its main use is practicality – to have light in specific places which require you to see clearly. Since ambient light focuses on reaching the whole room, certain parts of the living room may still be too dull, so task lighting specifically targets these overlooked spots. An example of task lighting in a living room is a lamp next to a reading chair, as it ensures that there is enough light on the book to read with ease.

Mood/Accent Lighting

Mood lighting, also known as Accent lighting, is often disregarded, especially for those who aim to have a minimalist living room. This kind of lighting is aimed for people who want to create some extra drama in their living room, adding illumination for the sake of drawing attention to the object rather than for practical seeing reasons. From a gorgeous painting to a sentimental ornament, mood lighting can be added to anything you want to draw more attention to.

Now that we’ve gone through the three general types of living room lighting plans, here are some specific lighting ideas separated by placing. Again, you can choose just one lighting idea or have a combination of many – it’s all up to you and your living room!

Ceiling lighting

  • Ceiling globe
  • Chandelier
  • Pendant fixture

Shelf lighting

  • Downward glow
  • Upward glow
  • Spotlights
  • Lamps

Fireplace lighting

  • Uplights next to the fireplace
  • Uplights on the mantelpiece
  • Wall sconces over the mantelpiece

Window lighting

  • Upward glow from the curtain pelmet and downward glow from the windowsill
  • Downlights from over the window

Wall-Mounted lighting

  • Translucent wall sconces
  • Sconces with upward beam
  • Sconces with upward and downward beam

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