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Buy now before the price increase

On October 4th, we’re raising the prices on all our luxury Hästens beds. That means, the cost for full awakeness will never be as low as now. Seize this opportunity to achieve perfect sleep.…

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Your Dream Bedroom Awaits

If it’s just any wardrobe that you are looking for, you will find plenty around but if you are looking for bedroom storage systems with distinctive design features, quality f…

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Tips for Saving Wardrobe Space!

Tips and tricks to save valuable wardrobe space! Check them out below. Multi-Use Hangers Especially useful for thin Summer clothes, having more than 1 item on each hanger easily saves so muc…

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Lighting Ideas for your Dining Room

Oftentimes the most difficult part of furnishing a room, lighting can very easily be overdone or underdone. In a dining room, lighting is essential as it’s a space to eat and chat during fam…

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Living Room Lighting Ideas

Being the heart of every household, the living room is the most difficult room to furnish as every aspect becomes important to set the overall atmosphere. With lighting, there are so many op…

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Bedroom Lighting Plan Ideas

Planning out your bedroom lighting alongside the rest of the furniture is key to have a coherent room. Not just to match colours and designs with the rest of the furniture, but also to make …

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Dutchbone Lighting Promo

Take advantage of a 10% discount across our Dutchbone range of lighting. The offer is valid from Thursday 20 January till Sunday 30 January and can be ordered both online through our online …

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