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Tips for Saving Wardrobe Space!

Tips and tricks to save valuable wardrobe space! Check them out below.

Multi-Use Hangers

Especially useful for thin Summer clothes, having more than 1 item on each hanger easily saves so much space in your wardrobe. Thin Summer tops like tank tops and crop tops can easily be hung together in a bunch, and are all easily accessible to take off and put back on after use. Save the space at the bottom for clothing items which can’t or don’t need to be hung like jeans and shorts. However, make sure that you hang the tops properly, as you don’t want them falling down and ending up with a catastrophe in your closet!

DIY Double Hangers

A similar solution to the previous one, double hanging is a super common way of saving space both at the bottom of wardrobes and on rods themselves. You can easily make your own double hanger with just two standard hangers and the pull tab of a can (the part you pull back to open a Coke can, for example). Simply put one end of the pull tab through the top of one of the hangers, then hook the other hanger with the other end of the pull tab. This hack allows you to hang multiple items while using less space, saving rod space for other need-to-hang clothes.

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Use Hanging Organisers

Another super useful and common storage hack is using hanging organisers. They come in lots of different shapes and designs to suit various needs. Some are specifically designed for shoes, having wide open boxes to fit a variety of shoes from sandals to knee-high boots, while others have smaller pockets and designs to hang accessories like jewellery and hats, as well as underwear. Apart from saving space, hanging organisers also allow you to plan what accessories and shoes you’ll wear the next day, saving you time in the morning!

Get Creative

There are countless other ways to save space in your wardrobe. Get creative with some personalised DIY space-saving tricks which suit your specific wardrobe. If you’re lost on ideas, go to Google and other websites for some inspiration. Some people have chosen to split their wardrobe up using added shelves and containers, whilst others have incorporated extra rods – it all depends on the size and shape of your wardrobe and how you choose to store your clothing items. Whatever you choose to do with your wardrobe, we’re sure it will come in handy and save loads of space for brand new clothes!