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Technological innovation, design research and environmental awareness make up its exclusive vision of the Italian design. The collection of Rimadesio furniture stands out for its precise and unmistakable style and exclusive finishings. Glass and aluminium, two main materials used in the Collection, go through different chromatic and exterior processes, continuous research and tests. With a precise and coherent identity, Rimadesio is today a 100% made in Italy company with a strong international vocation, confirmed by the brand presence in 90 countries around the world including Malta. Rimadesio manage every part of the production phase which involves advanced processes, together with exclusive and patented mechanisms, sliding rails, hinges and lighting systems. But their vocation to innovation also speaks through the continuous research of solutions aimed at improving environmental standards. They use totally recyclable materials, aluminium and glass, that are treated with advanced painting technologies without harmful substances and use ecological packaging systems aimed at reducing their effect on the environment.

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