How to Choose Dining Chairs for your Dining Table?

There is so much choice and variety all around us that choosing chairs to match your dining table has become quite a task. Of course, you may opt to go with the matching chairs the manufacturer recommends which is usually a beautiful choice however others prefer mixing and matching and creating a style that is uniquely theirs.

There are 3 main chair styles to look out for and consider:

Chairs with a metal structure

Made from steel, iron pipe or aluminum, these chairs are either fully upholstered or upholstered from the seat up. Others are mainly metal with upholstered seats. You can find these chairs upholstered in fabric, leather or faux leather. They are very popular today, some being very simple and others demanding a closer look at the design and manufacturing detail.

Chairs with a wooden structure

In this category, the choice is between show wood models where the wood assumes a prestigious role and adds value to the design and craftsmanship involved whilst other chair types who have a wooden structure but would mostly be covered in fabric or leather only having the wooden legs on show.

The most popular wooden chairs are usually walnut or oak whilst more commercial chairs would be made from beech. You usually can’t go wrong with wooden chairs as they work well with most table models from different manufacturers.

Molded shell chairs

These types of chairs are light, easy to maintain and some have even acquired iconic status in terms of design. They usually have a tubular metal or aluminum seat structure to which the molded shell is attached. The Albert Kuip chair by Zuiver is one such example.Finally, chairs are also made of natural materials such as rattan, palm and similar materials alone or combined with wood or metal structures. Be sure to choose your chairs based on your lifestyle and preferences. If you have a young family for example and they are going through a lot of wear and tear the type of material is very important. Consider wood, leather, or rust-resistant metal for easy-to-clean options.

If you would like further help with choosing your dining chairs, please do visit us in store, we are always happy to help! 🙂

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