What bed do you dream about?

One that you completely sink into?

One that relieves back pain?

One that reduces tossing and turning?

Our mattresses are designed to provide high levels of comfort, correct body alignment, health and hygiene benefits and durability. They have been fully developed with the Mediterranean climatic conditions in mind in order to provide as refreshing a sleep as possible. The mattress line up at The Bed Boutique consists of a Latex foam range and a Pocket Spring range, each with Hybrid upgrades. 

Our Collection of Mattresses

Discover more about our 5 mattress models, each with its own explanation and choices, by clicking the circles below. If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to chat with us or contact us.

``What God created, we developed`` (Dunlopillo, 1970)

Latex is a milk like sap tapped from the tropical rubber tree. Natural latex is whisked to create a foam structure made of millions of latex lined interconnected cells that provides the latex mattress with its unique ventilation and proven hygiene benefits. The open cell structure enables the mattress to change the air inside the mattress with every body movement contributing to a more refreshing sleep. Latex (or Rubber as it is more commonly known) provides the natural resilience necessary to support the body and responds instantly to the body’s contours with every movement.

The durability of a premium latex mattress like Dunlopillo is legendary, outlasting other mattresses by years.

The Latex line up at the Bed Boutique

Common features of the whole range:
1. Covers made from natural fibres on the sleeper's surface to complement the open cell structure of latex foam. Covers are zipped and removable for cleaning. Kindly request info on how to clean.
2. Available in all standard sizes. There is no surcharge for made to measure sizes.
3. Ventilated slatted bases or deep sprung divans recommended as bed bases.

Classic Dunlopillo

Core: A 15cm high pincore latex block produced using the Talalay process that provides increased ventilation inside the mattress as well as a nicer feel and more elasticity.
Firmness Rating: Medium to Firm: ILD40
Comfort Rating: High, this is the best option for sleepers with back problems and is ideal for adjustable beds.

Premier Dunlop D80

Core: A 15cm high pincore 100 % natural latex block produced using the original Dunlop process.
Firmness Rating: Medium to Firm with a high density of 80kgs per cubic metre.
Comfort Rating: High, especially for sleepers with back problems.
• Reversible and the ideal mattress for adjustable beds.

HYBRID mattresses combining Latex foam with special purpose foams:

KOOL designed by Form

Core: A hybrid luxury mattress combining a Dunlop Process 100% Natural latex core, a gel comfort layer at the surface to provide a luxurious feel and a wave profile diffuser layer at the base.
Firmness Rating: Medium overall with a firm D 80 latex core at the centre
Comfort Rating: Luxury

KOOL Deluxe (DX) designed by Form

Core: a hybrid luxury mattress combining a Dunlop Process 100% Natural latex core and a deep gel comfort layer at the surface.
Firmness Rating: Initial soft feel with firm underlying support
Comfort Rating: Sink in luxury sleep

Pocket Spring mattresses

When we introduced multizone individually pocketed spring mattresses in Malta in the year 2000, we made sure that the spring units had a high technical specification in terms of wire thickness, that it incorporated the innovative barrel spring shape and that the spring unit had strong metal edges to prevent deformation at the sides.

The original spring unit we selected for the core of our mattresses has lived up to expectations and together with deep high-density foam surfaces, the mattresses deliver high levels of comfort and durability. Pocket spring mattresses also provide independent sleep as the system permits your movement without unduly affecting your sleeping partner. In addition, the multizone system is engineered to provide extra support where needed and a softer embrace at the shoulder and pelvic area allowing the mattress to contour to your body’s shape with every movement.

The Pocket Spring mattress line up at the Bed Boutique

Common features of the whole range:
1. Mattresses have the same multizone spring unit.
2. Available in all sizes with some possibility of customization.
3. Covers are zipped and removable for emergency cleaning (kindly request info before cleaning)


Core: A multizone spring unit with wave profile foam on one surface and contoured foam on the other surface. Reversible.
Firmness Rating: Medium to Firm.
Comfort Rating: On the high side providing good support at the center and pressure relief at the shoulder and pelvic areas.


Core: A pocket spring unit encapsulated with foam sides and surfaces.
Firmness Rating: Medium
Comfort Rating: A good performer in the budget category.

HYBRID mattresses combining pocket springs and foams


Core: A multizone spring unit with wave profile foam on one side and contoured foam surface on the other side topped by 7 cms high-density memory foam and a gel comfort layer. Interchangeable summer/winter comfort layer.
Firmness Rating: Soft initial feel with medium to firm underlying support.
Comfort Rating: Luxury/high-quality fillings – top of the range product.


Core: A multizone spring unit with a wave profile foam on one side and contoured foam surface over which a medium-density of a 100% natural latex comfort layer.
Firmness Rating: Medium initial feel with firmer underlying support.
Comfort Rating: Luxury. Will appeal to those who prefer the bounce that a spring mattress provides combined with the excellent contouring ability of the latex comfort layer.

The Sueno Artesano Collection by Dunlopillo Spain

Sueno Artesano is a collection of mattresses handmade by craftsmen using traditional methods and the finest natural fillings. The collection has been put together in response to an ever-growing demand for deeper luxurious sleep using layer upon layer of natural products. Natural fillings include cashmere, silk, merino wool, camel wool, linen and cotton, each layer selected for its specific properties related to sleep particularly moisture absorption and especially the provision of refreshing and comfortable sleep. All mattresses are available in all standard sizes as well as made to measure sizes and are reversible.
Covers are made from rich natural materials to complement the interior. Hermitage and Louvre are hand tufted whilst Metropolitano is quilted with cotton. Covers are not removable. Different firmness levels are available on request.

The Sueno Artesano collection also includes a select range of beds including electrically adjustable models as well as headboards in a wide variety of fabrics.


A 32cm high, top of the range mattress that contains no less than a total of 16 materials on either side of a latex topped, pocket spring core which itself is overlaid by micro springs to increase comfort to the highest level.


A 29cm high luxury line mattress made of several layers of natural fillings comprising a blend of wools, linen, and cotton with a latex topped multizone pocket spring unit at the centre.


A 27cm deep sleep luxurious mattress with multiple layers of cotton on one side and a blend of wool layers on the other side over a latex topped multizone pocket spring at the centre. Reversible summer/winter option.

hastens logo

Six generations of Swedish comfortable bed making tradition. Unrivaled comfort. Handmade with passion.  Hästens only use ethically-sourced sustainable resources and natural materials to craft a Hästens bed. The purest flax, wool and cotton, slow-grown Swedish pine and genuine hypoallergenic horsehair.

Hästens has always been driven by a passion for sleep and the benefits it brings to the body and soul. It’s sleep that makes the difference to life, a natural process that cannot be replicated, bought over a counter or swallowed in a pill. You cannot cheat your way to perfect sleep but there are things that you can do to understand why it’s important and ensure you give yourself the best chance of a great night’s sleep.

Visit our Sleep Spa to test the beds and discover the benefits of sleeping in the world’s greatest beds. Feel free to just walk in or make an appointment.

Wake up to the best
version of yourself.

Everyone wants to have a comfortable mattress to sleep on every night. The Bed Boutique is a special bedding supplier operated by Form. It traces its origin way back to 1947 when a connection with Dunlopillo, the inventor of latex foam mattresses in 1929, was first established and which continues to this day.

The Dunlopillo collection remains a lead player alongside an ever-growing range of comfortable mattresses produced by experienced artisans. They use fine materials sourced the world over and the knowhow and experience acquired over 70 years of uninterrupted operation in Malta makes Dunlopillo the longest established mattress brand in Malta.

There are different types of Dunlopillo mattresses to choose from, namely: Latex Foam, Hybrid Foam, Pocket Spring, Pocket Spring Upgrade and Sueno Artesano Collection. All are available in different sizes to suit your requirements. Visit our showroom to try them out.

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