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What to look out for when choosing your dining table…

In the past, a style movement could last for 10 to 20 years but furniture trends today have become as changeable as the winds. Just like fashion designers, furniture designers are continuously introducing new styles and trends. Table trends seem to be moving in two directions; in the main towards designs with a central pivot or a crisscrossed base structure in chunky solid wood or the same outline in metal with a seemingly floating surface. Equally popular are sleek four-legged structures in solid wood or cast metals such as fused aluminum. Another popular base design is the lightweight net-look base structure. Trend changes also lie in the materials used, the design of the tables as well as in their functionality so let’s look at each one individually.

Table Top

Marble, ceramics with a marble look, woods and Fenix are current trends for surfaces. As a very recent addition to the market, fenix is an incredible new material largely due to its unique properties of thermal reparability of superficial micro scratches. Parents will love it for its anti-fingerprint and stain resistant elements and it’s totally soft to the touch too.

Live edge wood is also increasing in popularity with tables not carved quite to perfection with straight lines but rather left with a raw wood feel. These tables have a way of bringing the outdoors inside, and maintaining nature in its raw, organic form always has a way of making things more beautiful. This move towards a closer relationship to nature seems to be a recurring theme, perhaps due, in part at least, to the extreme technological developments and fast-paced world we now live In.

Table Shape

Square dining tables are becoming more and more in demand as well as boat-shaped and asymmetric. Boat shaped tables have curved edges and are found to be more visually pleasing than rectangular. Asymmetric tables don’t have right angles or come in standard sizes but are completely innovative in shape and size, perfect for those looking for something very different.

Circular and oval designs have always been around but are now being designed with a combination of different legs and materials such as wood, glass or metal, the selection and options are extremely vast.

Table Functionality

Extendable tables have taken on a whole new dimension. We’re seeing rectangular tables with the ability to become square. Roundtables able to become rectangular and coffee and console tables with the ability to become dining tables. This is great for people who live in tiny but ever so stylish homes.

Even table legs are enjoying a moment in the spotlight with more unusual quirky shapes and designs such as crossed legged or geometric structures finished off in copper or multi-colored and multi-textured.

Trends in Chair Design

The most evident trend in chair design is the upholstered shell over a four-legged wood base, which of course is available in a hundred and one permutations of the same theme to appeal to different tastes and preferences. There’s a move towards fully upholstered chairs with more refined detail in the metal profile structure and in the stitching. Armchairs are no longer only for the head of the table but can be found around a table.

Fabulous, rich and vibrant colours are being used with blush pink, mustards, yellows, ocean blues, plum, violet, and sage all making an appearance. Rich velvet is also back as a favourite for chair fabrics as well as geometrically shaped woods or a combination of wood and leather. All covers require careful use because of tears, soiling and general wear. The less expensive the chair the higher the possibility of early cover wear and re-upholstery costs are quite high today especially for chair models that have an extensive covering (seat, back, and legs). The quality of the chair often pays. Today’s trending urban habitats point towards a shift in priorities with an emphasis on entertainment. Very often we wonder whether designers consider that families also exist and live in the same habitat after the guests have left.

The best advice we can offer is uniquely dependent on each client’s needs. The advice will differ for a young family using their tables and chairs daily to that planned for a bon viveur who probably sites the dining area near to a spotless kitchen that sees less use. Those who have separate dining or living areas cannot be compared to those raising a family in a more restricted space. Planning in such instances calls for separate treatments. Ultimately your final choice will depend on your budget, lifestyle and of course tastes and priorities.

Our team is always ready to help, so if it’s time for you to go table and chair searching just pay us a visit and we will help you in the best way we can!

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