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Our collection of doors, sliding doors and partitions are truly unique. With two impeccable brands available for you to choose from, the combinations available are endless.

The Italian brand, Rimadesio, is exquisite in design. Practically frameless doors, silky to touch glass, glass which has metallic netting in it, glass which has reflective properties yet allows you to see through it, doors which are unique to Rimadesio.

When it comes to partitions, Rimadesio open up a number of functional possibilities, that of having floor to ceiling partitions, sliding panels with concealed rails covering expanses of up to six meters without having any rail on the floor. Panels are available in various glass finishes, either just a plain glass door or striped cross pieces in an endless amount of colours.

We also have a high quality German brand Raumplus. The configurations you can choose are infinite. Choose the specific size you require instead of being restricted to standard sizes. They also offer a fascinating variety of colour options for the door frames and panels as well as an interesting choice of the materials used, from glass, veneer, lacquer and more.



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