Sofas can have different functionalities. They can be needed for every day use, therefore needing to be very durable, as a designer piece to entertain friends or perhaps as a sofa bed in a guest room. It is very difficult to appreciate the quality of a sofa when it is brand new. Mainly because it is a sealed box. The contents of the sofa are unreachable so you cannot know what foams were used, what was used for suspension, which frames and woods were used or which quality of fabric or leather was used. It is only, use of the sofa, that will determine its true quality. That is why when buying Natuzzi Italia you are buying a certified quality that is known the world over. We believe in Natuzzi’s products and have been for many years because they are always at the forefront of design, engineering, and technology. They have developed sound systems in sofas, touch sensor and battery operated recliners, headrests which move independently to the footrests, sofa bed mechanisms which can open up without the need to remove the cushions as well as sofas that recline even if positioned against a wall.

Sofas come in so many different forms, levels of comfort and functions. Therefore when choosing your sofa, you must primarily know what style you’re looking for, what function you require, what level of comfort you’re after whether it is hard, soft, high back or low back and finally what type of cover you prefer whether it is fabric, microfibre, leather, velvet etc. The sofa you choose will also very much depend on the layout of your room and the ultimate use of the sofa. Some people want a sofa to watch TV, read and lounge whilst others want it to socialise.

Start by having a look at the different choices from both Natuzzi Italia and Natuzzi Editions. Once you have a preference, we suggest you come to our store to see, feel and experience them until you finally decide on your favourite choice.



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