2024’s Tranquil Bedroom Escape

Step into a cozy dreamland with this month’s moodboard, featuring a bedroom adorned in soft natural colors and rich dark walnut tones. In 2024, the trend is all about bringing the outdoors in, and this bedroom captures that essence perfectly.

Natural hues like earthy browns and soft greens create a calming atmosphere, while the dark walnut accents add a touch of elegance and warmth. This year, warmth and natural elements are at the forefront of design, and this moodboard embraces that trend wholeheartedly.

Highlighted Products

Zalf Alterna Hinged Wardrobe SM2072

Alterna hinged door wardrobe with walnut City doors and fumé transparent glass. City Glass doors with burnished frames. Carcase exterior and interior in walnut. Includes Vertical Strip LED Lighting.

Dimensions: 30.3W X 61.5D X 258.6H cm

Price as shown €7,077

Novaluna Atremis Bed

Sinuous, soft and elegant.

Dimensions as shown: Fits a 160 X 200 cm mattress

Price as shown: €1,824

Zuiver Groove Bedstand

Make a statement with the one-of-a-kind design from Groove. Available in a Natural finish too.

Dimensions: 55H X 40D X 45W cm

Price as shown €479

Dutchbone Class Console/Desk

Bring in an organized and clean look into your home. Featuring acacia wood and antique brass coating for that hint of luxury. Also available in Black and Natural finishes.

Dimensions: 78H X 45D X 120W cm

Price as shown €649

Dutchbone Lunar Chair

This chair boasts a beautiful rustic green shade that would add a touch of sophistication to any room. Also available in the colour Ochre.

Dimensions: 81H X 56D X 52W cm

Price as shown €399

Kave Home Brunilda Rug

Rug made from seaweed, wool and cotton. When it comes to enjoying your home,what could be nicer than natural materials?

Dimensions: 200W X 300D cm

Price as shown €219

Jab Oshima Wall-Paper

Contemporary interior design draws inspiration from most different cultures. MISAKI takes up the topical Asia trend and translates it into an emphatically aesthetic wallcoverings collection. The designs interpret elements of the Japanese design language in a refreshingly new and creative fashion.

Price per roll: €78

Dutchbone Cath Pendant Lights

Round, organic shapes give the interior a subtle vintage style. Ideal for transforming a dining room or lounge area.

S – Dimensions: 22H X 34D cm
Price as shown €99

L – Dimensions: 25H X 43D cm
Price as shown €199

Kave Home Natsumi Floor Lamp

Floor lamp combining 3 of our favourite materials; brass lampshade, marble base, and did you notice the ball? It’s made of wood! A modern piece with a vintage finish. Opposites attract more than ever!

Dimensions: 180H X 42D X 30W cm
Price as shown €139

Kave Home Accessories

Stylish decor with character is essential in a home. Accessories tell the world about your personality and tastes.

Libia Mirror: €50.99
Tamariu Vase S: €25.50
Tamariu Vase L: €29.99
Arenys Lamp S: €62.50

All the products featured in this moodboard are part of our affordable luxury collection, meaning you can achieve this stylish look without breaking the bank. Plus, with customizable options available in various sizes, you can tailor your bedroom to fit your space perfectly.

So, why not create your own dreamy bedroom retreat? Embrace the natural trend of 2024 and turn your bedroom into a cozy sanctuary filled with warmth and style.

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