Comparisons are said to be odious but not if made on a like-for-like basis

Recently a local newspaper article quoting EU statistics reported that in Malta the price of sofas, furniture and furnishings are the second-highest in the EU by some 17.5%, the second-highest after Luxembourg at 24%. As avid followers of the furniture market we dispute this sweeping statement as put and actually contend that as far as Dunlopillo products are concerned, the prices of Dunlopillo mattresses and pillows are currently, and have always been, the lowest in Europe since 1947. The reasons for having lower prices are not important, but what is relevant is that one compares on a like-for-like basis using evidence that is in the public domain. It’s the end result that counts and these show that our listed prices are approximately 25% cheaper than in most of Europe, with Cyprus having the closest list prices, but still higher than Malta’s.

Take the QUEEN Dunlopillo talalay latex foam pillow: Our current price for a 70x40x14 cm high pillow is €53 and has been so for the last 5 years: previously €50. For a Queen 70x40x17 cm high pillow, it is €55 previously €53.

Have a look at the current price for the Dunlopillo 17 cm high Queen pillow: in Spain… €139. Even at the discounted price, it is still €97.30, a good €37.30 more expensive than our Queen pillow, whilst the Spanish 14 cm lower pillow at €119 (with discount at €83.30) is still much more expensive than our 14 cm Queen pillow at €53.

The Danish Dunlopillo equivalent sells at €103.87 (799 kroner).

The Italian Serenity is listed at €93.41

The Dutch Serenity is €97.50.

The JYSK website lists it at €79.99 (but in a smaller 40×60 size).

In Cyprus, the list price is €65 and the worst is EBAY which lists not only a higher price, but adds an almost equivalent transport charge.

Queen is a genuine Dunlopillo Talalay latex pillow of the highest quality as have been all the Dunlopillo Latex pillows sold over the years by us.

The same can be said about the prices of our mattresses with local prices being historically much lower marked percentage-wise than anywhere in Europe, like-for-like.

Take the Dunlopillo Spain model Performance (latex + Visco) and compare it with our KOOL model. The list price for a 150×190 cm (Model Performance) is €2,025, which on the special occasion (as shown) was discounted by 25% down to €1,518. The list price of our KOOL is €899 including VAT and delivery.

The price of the Dunlopillo Spain model Performance shown in a Spanish shop

The all latex Dunlopillo Spain (Oniris) in size 150x190x26 cm is listed at €1,669 discounted to €1,251 during an 8-day window whilst our equivalent is listed at €893 for 20 cm and €670 for a 15 cm high version.

The price of the Dunlopillo Spain model Oniris shown in a Spanish shop

The price of a quality pocket spring mattress by Flex (150×190 cm) is listed at €4,282 discounted to €2,997 whilst our equivalent model Celestial, is currently listed at €830 and Moonlight at €650 including VAT and delivery.

Our reasons for lower pricing is due solely to commercial factors and without any compromise whatsoever on comfort and quality as so many customers who put their trust in FORM and the Dunlopillo brand can vouch.

Our mission statement has always been to provide quality products at prices that are within the reach of our customers to foster repeat business and trust in brand FORM. Judge for yourself.

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