Decorating a room – The finishing touches

Decorating your favourite room can be as daunting as attempting a complicated jigsaw puzzle.

The decoration of interiors is an exercise that aims at achieving harmony between the various components that complete the jigsaw. Ideally, the exercise would cover the whole space, outdoors included, and not just a single room.

Decorating a space is much more than choosing furniture and their colour.

Rugs and flooring

Floor treatment is important. Do not look at a rug merely for its function to generate warmth but more importantly consider it as an essential element to create interest and become an important feature in the greater whole. Today, textile rugs are available that are highly decorative and come at a modest cost. They may not last an eternity as the more expensive designer or oriental rugs, but will definitely give you their money’s worth. It’s not always about value, summer or winter. It’s about decoration and the importance of a harmonious whole. Dutchbone and Sitap area rugs come in a large variety of sizes, colours and designs and cost less than you imagine. A collection of fine designer rugs from Natuzzi Italia will surely appeal to lovers of style and quality. If you are looking for that something special, have a look at the silk collection of modern design rugs from Amini available also in big area sizes. At Form, you can also find quality woodgrain design parquet flooring from JAB that can be laid directly on any floor and are suitable even for heavy-duty areas.

An example of minimalist style accentuated with a carpet, art and home deco.
Photo credit @archdigest

Curtains and upholstery

Decorating apertures with the right fabrics in terms of colour, quality, pattern and style requires due consideration. Irrespective of whichever overall look one aims at, curtains or blinds are nearly always needed. Whether for privacy, light regulation or colour effect, serious treatment of the apertures can make a huge difference in the end. Curtain design and colour will contribute to the overall look of the room in no small way even if by just providing, by way of end, drops as a constituent part of the colour scheme of the space.  JAB Anstoetz and its associate Chivasso are among the leading suppliers of top quality fabrics for upholstery and curtains for the domestic and contract market with a presence at Form going back over 25 years. The choices are immense and prices vary according to the type and composition of the fabric as expected from leading suppliers. Prices can vary from €50 per metre for quality microfibre to much more for the more sophisticated fabrics.

An example of how you can make use of fabrics and upholstery to decorate a room.
Photo credit: @archdigest

Murals and wallpaper

Walls need to be seen to, not only in terms of colour, but as an essential contributor to the total scheme. Will the wall covering be the key here? Will it be the paint colour ? Will the art or a designer mirror be the main feature possibly of the whole room? All deserve fair assessment. Bare walls call for attention even in a minimalist décor. Murals and wallpaper are available from the JAB portfolio at Form where you can also find a select collection of original abstract paintings from a collective of artists as well as a wide choice of mirrors, wall lighting and accent hanging shelves and cabinets for your wall.

An example of how a mural can be used as a feature in a room.
Photo credit: @chaplins


Lighting is another item of high relevance, and here we are not referring to fitted lighting which needs professional input. Hanging lights, wall lights, low table lighting, desk lamps, stand lamps come in all shapes, sizes and prices. Today the choices are impressive and one can safely mix, even though good quality and well-designed lighting will definitely stand out. What is very important is that you light the important areas of your space to assist you to live well. If you love reading or writing, invest in good lighting. Central lighting can be off-putting, harsh and garish. If you often need strong light, at least invest in a dimmer and choose warm bulbs to soften the result. The lighting selection at Form is extensive and includes designer lighting from the Natuzzi Italia collection of standing and table lamps designed by established designers, as well as selections from Dutchbone for those looking for young lifestyle products and other collections from different suppliers.


Plants are increasingly becoming an important item of decoration with the tall plants enjoying a comeback. Plants, live or artificial, can contribute significantly to your interior and currently are featured regularly in interior design compositions. Our showroom displays a good collection of quality artificial plants that decorate our displays and these are also available on order.

An example of how placing plants and rugs can give life to a room.
Photo credit: @gart_art_design


Accessories play a big part in the final look as long as they are decorative. It is not always a matter of value but more of taste. Anything from a sculpture in marble or bronze, glassware of merit, ceramic decorative ware on tables or even walls. Books today are enjoying a revival in decoration although many are put off by the idea of dusting them regularly. Same with brassware, especially hand crafted. The list of accessories available at Form is quite big and includes designer Murano glassware and exquisite ceramics from leading Italian designers and many other items that would also make a wonderful wedding or Christmas present.

An example of how accessories can be used to give a more homey feeling to a room.
Photo credit: @elledecorindia

Professional interior designer assistance

If you believe that your interior decoration skills fall short of what your dream space ought to look like, we at Form can also assist you either by guiding you part of the way at no cost at all or we can offer you professional assistance by an interior design team that will work with you to realize your dream. This is a new service available at FORM.

And finally, the furniture … a subject that has to be treated in a separate article and about which we at FORM have much, much more to say in our upcoming articles.

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