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We have all been made aware that our planet is suffering and we need to make changes in our lifestyles to help resolve this issue. Climate change and the huge issue that overuse of plastic is causing to planet Earth is real, and we all need to contribute towards forcing change.

There are many ways one can contribute to make a change. We have all heard of the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle slogan and (hopefully) many of us have already started to make changes such as recycling waste, opting for reusable items instead of single-use disposable products or even perhaps using a more environmentally-friendly mode of transport. But did you know that your choice of home furniture could also help contribute towards this change for the better?

At FORM, we believe that if retailers don’t offer alternative products, then it’s even harder for the consumers to make a change. This is why we offer an increasing range of products made of either recycled materials or all natural products which have no chemicals or synthetic materials that will take years to decompose once disposed of.

Dunlopillo natural latex mattresses

Dunlopillo mattresses are made from latex, a sap that is tapped from the rubber tree, the same sap used to produce vehicle tyres, tennis balls, surgical gloves and many other useful products. The Dunlopillo Latex foam mattress was invented by the Dunlop Rubber company in 1929 and has provided superior sleep support and comfort to millions of users around the world ever since. The resilience of natural latex is what makes the mattress respond immediately to every body movement over and over again for years providing the right support needed to guarantee sleep comfort.

Sap being collected from a rubber tree.

Coco-lat mattresses

Environmentally friendly Dunlop natural latex, which is vegetal in nature, is now being complemented by other 100% vegetal materials to enhance the sleep experience in our soon to be launched COCO-LAT mattress collection.

Cross section of a Coco-lat mattress

Processed fibers from coconuts, sisal and other vegetal materials combine with natural latex to provide additional benefits. One particular benefit is superior ventilation which is so important during sleep, especially in our Mediterranean humid climate. The contribution of natural latex layers with layers of vegetal fibres also provides alternative firmness levels.

Processed coconut fibres used inside a Coco-lat mattress

Avail yourself of our limited introductory offers for the COCO-LAT hybrid mattress line up on a first come first served basis, now available from The Bed Boutique at FORM.

All Dunlopillo and Coco-lat mattresses and pillows are 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

Ocean Protect pillows and quilts by Mash®

Did you know that 1 person uses an average of 84 kilos of plastic per year and only 30% of this plastic is recycled? Every year 8,000,000 tons of plastic are dumped into the oceans. For this reason, one of our pillows and quilts suppliers, Mash® have created a new range of pillows and duvets called Ocean Protect, that actively help to reduce damage to our oceans and beaches. The fibre is produced from 100% plastic collected on beaches and seas, that has been recycled and provides the same comfort and thermal capacity as non-recycled fibre. The Ocean Protect fibre pillows and duvets produced from recycled ocean plastic provides improved air circulation and are soft and pleasant to the touch.

The new Ocean Protect range from Mash® which has been awarded
the Product of the Year 2020 award for innovation by over 10,000 consumers.

Hästens all natural sleep systems

Quality and sustainability go hand in hand. That is why Hästens, use renewable resources and exclusively all-natural materials to create perfect sleep.

Choosing a Hästens bed is the most natural thing in the world. You get to sleep in a healthy environment that allows natural air circulation and transports moisture away. Natural materials like the finest pure flax, wool and cotton, the highest quality pine from Sweden, and genuine, hypoallergenic horsetail hair are simply much better to have next to your skin than foams made from petro-chemicals. Choosing a Hästens bed made from genuine natural materials will allow you to sleep dry on a well ventilated foundation, so important for your health and hygiene.

A cross-section of the materials found in a Hästens 200T model bed.

All Hästens beds are crafted with environmental awareness and meet the most stringent requirements. This is true both when the bed is made and when it is no longer needed since all the natural materials used in Hästens’ beds are naturally biodegradable. That said, Hästens beds can be recycled, upcycled or safely returned to nature’s own natural cycle. As the saying goes, a product that comes from nature wants to return to nature. A comfort for your body and soul and for the world we leave to our children.

Euromobil Respet® kitchens

RESPET® is the first kitchen panel produced by Euromobil and obtained from a 100% recycled PET resin. Recycled PET laminates are created by fragmenting, purifying and extruding the plastic from bottles, helping to safeguard our planet. It uses an environmentally sustainable technology that reduces the process of plastic disposal, does not use fossil fuels and reduces CO2 emissions by 60%. An innovation with huge potential benefits and infinite opportunities of application.

The Lain kitchen from the RESPET® range

RESPET® has an extremely hard-wearing surface, coated with non-yellowing paint that makes colours unalterable and constant over time. Product durability is very high due to resistance to abrasion and chemical substances making it a great substitute for your kitchen cabinets which will still look chic and elegant with all the usual functionality.

Sourcing innovative products scores highly on our agenda. By selecting environmentally friendly products that are natural or recycled, we are doing our bit to encourage our customers to contribute towards reducing the damaging effects of plastic. We hope that you will also follow our lead in this respect. Visit our showroom in Valley Road, Msida to find out more about all these great products.

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