Introducing CoCo-Lat – The latest addition to our mattress range

We named our new mattress line CoCo-Lat after the 2 main components used in the make-up of these 100% natural products: coconut fibre and latex both of which are vegetal.

A coconut husk used to create a CoCo-Lat mattress

Coconut has been a source of food and drink and its husk has been used as a bedding material in Asia from time immemorial. Whilst in days past, the husk was processed manually to allow the fibres to provide a springy feel or otherwise compressed rudimentally to provide a firmer mattress similar to what our ancestors in Malta did when making grass filled mattresses, today coco fibres are industrially processed and converted into layers of various densities to suit different requirements. Coco fibres (referred to as coir) can be coated with latex to provide resilient layers in bedding or machine pressed to provide different firmness layers for those preferring particular sleep modes.

Sap being collected from a rubber tree to create natural latex.

Latex (latin for milk) is the sap extracted from the rubber tree and industrially processed to produce a unique open cell latex lined foam structure called Latex foam, invented and developed by Dunlop in 1929 for bedding use. Latex is what many refer to as rubber and is also the main material used in tyres, tennis balls and many products that require resilience (the ability to bounce back repeatedly) to be effective.

Combining two God given 100% natural products, the CoCo-Lat mattress line not only provides new sleep options but especially the highest levels of health and hygiene during sleep and we are about to tell you why.

  • The absence of static electricity (as in synthetic foams and fibres) and no negative effects on the nervous system that generate sweating and restlessness, resulting in insomnia.
  • Sleep climate regulation. Being a natural material, vegetal fibres have the ability to absorb and release moisture according to temperature and moisture fluctuations in the surroundings without being moist to the touch. If the area is hot, vegetal materials release moisture creating a cooling effect. When it’s cold, the opposite effect occurs and the bonds in moisture molecules shrink and emit warmth.
  • Ventilation: the structure of the vegetal layers is airy with lots of empty spaces between the fibres, making them a good isolator providing fresh air at the centre of the mattress.
  • Coir pads have different firmness ratings and can provide an orthopaedic function when placed at the centre between two latex layers; holding the body in the right position and preventing the pelvis (the heaviest part of the body) from sinking lower than the shoulder and leg area. This offers release to the lower back musculature preventing orthopaedic dysfunction.
Coir fibre used inside a CoCo-Lat mattress
  • Natural latex of different densities act as softer cushioning and release pressure on the shoulder blades, the lower back and heels. Latex follows the body’s contours to perfection and distributes body weight along the line as a result of its resilience. The result is less turning in bed, superior blood circulation especially in the shoulder area, better relaxation, better body support and also strengthens the immune system.
Natural latex as can be found inside a mattress
  • No mites: unlike synthetic materials such as polyurethane foams, natural vegetal materials represent an unpleasant environment for mites. Due to permanent moisture exchange, there is always fresh moisture present. Mites need fungus and bacteria as nourishment. They grow only in a stale environment where moisture is spoiled and this will not be the case with natural materials.
  • All vegetal materials in the CoCo-Lat mattress line are made from materials from natural sources that are renewable. They do not pollute the environment during growth or during their transformation into products nor when being recycled or composted after use.
Cross section of a CoCo-lat mattress
  • The combination of latex and other vegetal layers selected for the CoCo-Lat mattress line has been designed to offer different types of comfort and the highest levels of health and hygiene during sleep. Whether it’s well supported comfort or a firmer option, both are available, with both having all the benefits that natural products are best able to provide with their unique ventilation structure that provides the best sleep option in the climatic conditions of the Med.

CoCo-Lat mattresses are a welcome addition to the Dunlopillo “Sueño Artesano” range of mattresses having animal and vegetal fillings.

Now on display at the Bed Boutique at Form, Valley Road, Msida.

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