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Kave Gallery is a declaration of intent, a steadfast commitment to democratize access to art. For us, art is culture, and culture is intrinsic to the space we call home.

With this project, we aim to democratize and break the barriers of the classical art gallery format. Kave Gallery is a place where you can find inspiration, learn, discover new talents, and access more established profiles. A place where you can discover original pieces from unique artists to enjoy in your spaces.

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Bea’s artworks are an invitation to contemplation and observation in these times of immediacy. Her creative process is based on constructing compositions that seek harmony through simple elements where the materials, all humble, are displayed in a raw and sincere manner, in this case, using the collage technique.

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“For me the space that I live in is fundamental, I don’t need much but I do need it to transmit a sensation of calmness because what comes out from there is surely influenced by the place in which it has been created.”

– Bea Aiguabella


Pascale Zintzen is the founder of Oikos Studio, a multidisciplinary artist who expresses herself through ceramics, tapestry, and painting. She is known for her slow craftsmanship, respecting the time and processes that each piece requires. Her works are deeply inspired by her background in archaeology, the Wabi-Sabi aesthetic, folk arts and crafts, nature, and ancestral objects crafted for the human ‘oikos’ or home.

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“Art has been a part of my life since I was a child, and up to now, I see it as a constant game.”

– Oikos Estudio


Albert Madaula is inspired by pleasurable moments of the people who surround him, reflecting it on his canvases. His creativity is manifested through bright colours and deconstructed shapes, reinterpreting the sensual curves of naked bodies, looks, gestures, architectural elements and their dimensions. He brings his works to life using techniques such as acrylic paint, sprays, stencils, etchings and sand on linen canvases.

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“My pieces are inspired by my personal experiences, and through them, I share my vision of the world.”

– Albert Madaula


Immersed in contemporary art, Jimmy Millán materializes the dispersion and multiplicity of our time in strokes, shadows, and volumes. He primarily employs mixed techniques that take form in collages with a highly personal and reflective focus, creating his own distinctive language.

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“The face is the mirror of the soul and my pieces are a simplified portrait of that complex reality, the one that contains the soul.”

– Jimmy Millán

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