Kave Home SS24 – The New Nomads

This is the home of a young family who are determined to reinvent themselves. They are digital nomads, those who want to explore new paths, and their home is now their refuge in a place where nature and modernity converge.

Our new collection is the perfect companion for this change of course. Pieces designed to combine functionality and versatility, creating contemporary environments that reflect the energy and vitality of this family in their everyday lives.

Sitra collection

The Sitra modular shelf is designed to adapt perfectly to your lifestyle. A piece of furniture intended for you to design it to your liking with our planner and thus adapt it to your space and needs.

Zenira collection

Each piece in the Zenira collection is made using fabric made of natural cotton and linen fibres to create a space conveying comfort and relaxation.

Sylo is a minimalist design which enhances the curved shapes of its solid ash wood structure, and which is combined with its natural cotton fibre upholstery fabric.

Salaya collection

Salaya combines the purity of straight lines with the dynamism of the curved shapes of its side panels. It is made in ash wood with a natural finish, giving each piece a unique identity in which you can appreciate the characteristic features of the wood.

The angled legs of the Jondal table provide a contemporary touch and its extendable mechanism allows you to make the most of your space.

Explore a new way of enjoying your spaces, where each piece of furniture accompanies you in this new way of life, bringing the essence of adventure to every corner of your home.

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