The strength of the brand, Natuzzi opens in Kiev

An opening that goes beyond the commercial goal, representing a sign of hope and future.

The news of the opening of a new store in Kiev comes at a historic moment where – as everyone knows – one of the most tragic events of our millennium is taking place. A project started last year which, despite all the constraints, was carried out at the beginning of September. This is the third Natuzzi Italia store in Ukraine, the 61st in the Emerging Market region.

It’s clear that the opening of the new Natuzzi Italia store in Kiev is full of meanings that go beyond business. – To help us better understand the story, Antonello Menolascina, Country Manager Nordic, Baltic, Russia and CSI – It represents a sign of hope, a desire for normality, and a desire to build the future by trying to break away from the context of the moment. On the other hand, it testifies to the strong bond of the partner with the Natuzzi Group which has never abandoned the Ukrainian partners. “

“I like to mention a significant episode of this situation. – Menolascina continues. – We should have opened this shop in late March. Alexander (the Ukrainian partner) would have come to collect the display material in Santeramo on February 28th. Evidently this didn’t happen on February 28th.

A few weeks later, in agreement with our supplier, I proposed to return the money paid by the partner for the concept because we thought they might need it to manage the difficult situation. Alexander replied: Antonello don’t worry, we will open this and other stores with Natuzzi in the future! I think it was an exemplary gesture of determination, a desire to be there that has no equal.”

And it is the partner Alexander Yampolskiy who reiterated what was declared by the Country Manager.

Our company RIM Group has been working with Natuzzi for over 20 years and we are satisfied with the cooperation. We believe that Natuzzi is one of the leaders in the Italian furniture market. New models and a new showroom concept confirm it. Confidence in this prompted us to open a new Natuzzi Italia showroom in Kyiv despite the difficult times in Ukraine.”

Proofs of courage and desire for the future that converge in the hope that the conflict will end as soon as possible to restore peace, roll up our sleeves and continue to build. Together.

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