Natuzzi’s Second Life

Past continuous

Natuzzi’s Second Life: a more mature phase, developing the company’s philosophy in terms of an important contribution not just to the design context, but also in a wider perspective of epochal change. Constantly linked to and inspired by the culture of its territory of origin, Puglia, the brand has turned its research towards issues of sustainability, to safeguard its own heritage and – in a wider viewpoint – the natural ecosystem. Nature becomes the most complete expression of the concept of harmony pursued in recent years by Natuzzi in its collections and its creative collaborations. With the third chapter of the project The Circle of Harmony, titled “Second Life,” Natuzzi Italia orients its design towards an increasingly consistent and concrete sustainability.

The result is a collection of pieces by Marcel Wanders studio and Marcantonio, conceived to last a lifetime, made with materials that are going through a second life themselves, because they are recycled and recyclable. The design blend of Natuzzi, made of form, function, materials and colors.

Drawing on the past to rewrite the future. The concept behind the Adam collection is based on this dichotomy. Marcel Wanders studio, the creators of the project, have taken their cue from the history of Natuzzi Italia to give rise to this living scenario: a sofa in modern casual style, with remarkable visual and tactile comfort, and a familiar character.

In Adam we can see the focus on the theme of sustainability, also based on painstaking research on materials. The airy wooden base, in fact, is made with CARB-FSC certified wood, while the large seat and back cushions are filled with Ecolympha polyurethane by Olmo, composed exclusively of natural and eco-compatible materials.

The relaxed, natural atmosphere of the Adam sofa also pervades the dining room solutions from the same collection, that includes the dining and coffee tables. The natural character of the materials – wood and stone, also in combination – suggests Mediterranean coasts; the soft touch of solid ash wood is joined by a new Lecce stone finish, made with natural and recycled raw materials.

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