The Difference is in the Detail and Beyond.

We have changed the more familiar cliché for purposes of this article that deals with the pitfalls of buying furniture and furnishings by just relying on price and one sided sales talk.

Surely everyone acknowledges that manufacturers and retailers are not charitable institutions and the prices of the products they sell reflect costs, quality, profit and tax. Nobody possesses that magic touch that can produce quality products at basement prices. Logic dictates that if the price is lower than average, there must be a catch and this is often at the cost of quality and detail.

Beds and mattresses

Many mattresses look the same externally. Since most of them are sealed, you rely on either a brochure for more info or sales talk. No brochure will give you anywhere near the real info, and whatever the sales pitch is, one is often unable to assess the quality of the different components that make up a mattress.

Screen grab from YouTube video by Beds by Design exposing what’s inside a mattress.

The weight and composition of the cover determines its durability and also its ability to dissipate body heat whilst the density and thickness of the latex or polyurethane foams are fundamental in providing your body with comfort and correct support. The type of spring unit (monozone or multizone) and the filling on either side, determine the quality of sleep that is achievable. However, like everything else, there are good spring units and poor ones.

Just trying a mattress in a shop or at home for 30 days or more will not guarantee long term satisfaction. What will give you comfort is the exchange of information between you and a reputable bedding specialist who will supply you with all the technical details and features about each mattress and also provides a solution when the choice you make does not turn out to be the right one.

The Dunlopillo mattresses at the Bed Boutique at Form are hand built locally by craftsmen that continue a tradition started in 1947. Covers are all zipped and you are assured that what you were promised is what you get. The latex foam is 100% natural and our new covers are in Tencel and organic cotton, both natural fibres. The foams are the latest generation foams that combine well with both latex and spring to provide superior ventilation in the mattress and assist in the dissipation of body heat during sleep, which is so important in our temperate climate.

The SUEÑO ARTESANO range by Dunlopillo

Top branded mattresses from Hästens are also available from Form and feature natural fillings (all duly sanitized) such as wool, cotton, horsetail hair and flax. Each of these materials have specialized features that make the mattress completely breathable, hygienic and comfortable to ensure a unique sleep experience like no other.

Cross section of the Hästens 2000T model made of horsetail hair, cotton, flax and wool.

Sofas & Armchairs

Here, again, similarities can be confusing and it is important to appreciate that good quality comes at a price and that generally, lower prices mean major quality compromises to your detriment. The quality of the foam is a major issue and firmness does not make a cushion better because foam quality depends on density not hardness. A hard foam with low density will sag in a short time whilst a softer foam with a good density will provide superior comfort and durability.

The manufacture of sofas and armchairs is replete with compromise instances. Some major things you should look out for are:

  • Rigid backs underlying loose back cushions, a short cut resorted to in cheaper models.
  • The detail in the stitching often resorted to in order to reduce costs.
  • The overall design and style of a sofa that determines whether you are looking at an up to date model or a dated one.
  • Fabric and leather quality.
Close up of the stitching on a Skyline Natuzzi Sofa

A cheaper price is only obtained by short cuts, cheap labour and inferior materials. Keep in mind that bona fide manufacturers have a reputation to safeguard and a future to look forward to. They will not resort to short term gains which may make their products more attractive but will result in future disappointment for you.

Form has been making and selling sofas and armchairs for over 50 years, both to the domestic and contract market. We have also represented top brand Natuzzi Italia for over 20 years. With our extensive experience in the manufacturing of upholstery and our retail record, Form is an accomplished sofa specialist, able to provide customers with all design and mattress related products.

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