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The Difference is in the Detail and Beyond.

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The Difference is in the Detail and Beyond.

Cabinet Furniture

We appreciate that most consumers are not experts, but several will have flair in terms of style and finishes. Today’s furniture is made from engineered boards that are either

  • coated with a melamine finish in a plain or textured finish including wood grain, or
  • veneered in genuine wood layers such as walnut, the current favourite, or
  • lacquered in one of many colours, matt or gloss.

Zalf wardrobe melamine finish
Melamine finish used in Zalf wardrobes

Here again similarities often obscure quality and differences.

  • Many engineered boards can be soft and unlikely to retain a firm grip on the fastenings and hinges over time that will eventually lead to a wobbly piece and shelves that will curve with little use.
  • Drawers may be constructed with price in mind and will not provide you with peace of mind.
  • Sliding systems may be inexpensive and replacements may not be available after a few years.
  • Lacquer may be overlying a melamine board and liable to easy scratching with use.
  • Handles may pit pretty soon and so forth.

In short, it pays to watch out and not fall to the temptation of buying solely on price unless you are prepared to change pretty soon.

A reputable manufacturer ensures that the furniture structure is robust and will withstand the rigours of daily use and it will suffer only if the furniture is abused.

“A low end producer will limit liability to two years, whilst a reputable seller looks forward to repeat custom and is not interested in spending time wasted on complaints or angry and frustrated customers.”

Of course price can be a major consideration, but do not expect a quality product at a cheap price because you will be disappointed.

The furniture at Form is made by well-known branded firms that we have been dealing with for years and though there is a price difference between brands, this is mostly due to the choice of structural materials. For example, Zalf specializes in laminate boards whilst Jesse uses veneered boards and lacquered ones in addition to fine choices such as ceramic doors and tops, tinted mirrors as well as having a superior design input by well-known designers.

Rimadesio Walk in wardrobe
Stylish walk-in wardrobe by Rimadesio

Bonaldo and Rimadesio have design and quality levels that are even higher, apart from the use of superior structured materials. Both companies are acknowledged top tier producers prioritising innovation and cutting edge designs.

Experience shows that buying from a reputable and discerning retailer like Form will provide you with transparent and objective views on the different ranges available at different price levels. We subscribe to the view that price is directly related to quality, design and service and whilst our approved entry level collection passes our test in terms of value for money, it cannot be compared to the medium and higher level collections because each supplier provides specialisation in the level that it operates.

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