Sara’s top key pieces from the Kave Home Autumn Collections to kickstart the season

Sara from Draw Design Studio explores the new Kave Home campaigns ‘Creative Journey’ and ‘Zen Balance’ and selects the main protagonists of this season’s decorative trends.

Autumn decoration beyond traditional

As the leaves start to fall, it’s the perfect time to embrace the beauty of change in your home. Autumn’s arrival brings a natural inclination to create cosy, inviting spaces for the colder months. Add a touch of warmth, cosy throws, and earthy décor to your space to reflect the season’s splendour. Let the season inspire your interior design! Curved and soft shapes, ash, and oak woods, and white, orange, and green colours promise to dress your home this season. This is what Kave Home brings us with its new Creative Journey and Zen Balance campaigns, a tribute to comfort and the most relaxed autumnal expression. It is a line that finds its inspiration in functionality, art, and urban style and that is intended for people with a creative approach.

Among the latest launches, the makeover of its iconic Compo sofa stands out with its new Crevin fabric, a double-sided upholstery made of recycled polyester, making this model part of the Kave Cares sustainable collection.

Looking forward to the cold? Here are Sara’s 10 pieces from this season’s Kave Home collections to inspire you this Autumn:

Helda Chair

”for its powerful simplicity… love the table too”

Mailen Dining Table

”for its proportions, the legs and the practicality of maximizing seat placement”

Malenka Rug

”for its two tone wool weave, that has the look of sisal but comfort of wool”

Enit Stool

”for its paper braiding & curves and its always great to know it is FSC :)”

Maileth Curtains

“for the love of a contrast border”

Montuiri Extendable Table

”the cost effective extendable table winner…. and when you select it with black legs, it is even sexier and allows for more chair options to complement it”


“my next party gift”

Mikayla Cushions

”for its contrasting textures and block colours vs weave….and it is s in a lumbar available in a lumber version too”

Maha Artwork

“for when you need that extra layering and want to be subtle about it”

Pulmi Lamp

“just because I’m currently in that world and it is a gorgeous pendant”

About Sara

Sara boasts over 20 years of experience in interior design, working overseas on prestigious hotels ranging from London to Barbados with the award-winning company Richmond Design. Sara’s portfolio includes consultation, concept, schematic, and detailed design, specialising in FF&E and decorative lighting. She believes that beautiful and functional design can enrich everyday life. Sara recently co-founded a design studio, Draw, a multi-disciplinary platform collaborating with architects, fabricators, and design teams on multi-scalar projects. By moving back to Malta, Sara continues to inspire others through her work.

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