Supporting Local Personalities

Local record-breaking ultra-distance swimmer Neil Agius is the founder of the Wave of Change campaign. Neil founded this NGO 3 years ago to create awareness about single-use plastic, mental health awareness and obesity amongst other things. He has done various swimming challenges, such as swimming from Sicily to Malta, whilst encouraging everyone to always collect 3 pieces of plastic any time they are out or at the beach and take a photo, post it to social media as well as tag #waveofchange and 3 more friends to take on the challenge.

Neil Agius during one of his swimming challenges – Photo credit: Kurt Arrigo

In 2020, Form was pleased to support Neil’s challenges and helped him create more awareness through our social media as well as by sponsoring him and his friend Michel, who was part of his last challenge, with 2 Ocean Protect pillows which are made out of recycled ocean plastic. Neil is also currently in training to take on his next big challenge – swimming a grueling 153km from Tunisia to Sicily. In doing so, the Wave of Change challenge has now been doubled to collect 6 pieces of plastic and tag 6 people to do the same – #DoubletheWave. We are all behind you Neil and support you all the way

Neil & Michel with their Ocean Protect Pillows

Another collaboration we have proudly supported these past few months is Miss Malta 2020 winner Hannah Giacchino. Miss Malta™ is a trademarked beauty pageant rich in history, and over the last 58 years, it developed into a national treasure. Established in 1963 by GM Productions, Miss Malta is the eldest beauty pageant in Malta. It gives emphasis to various localities around Malta and Gozo, where one model is representing a locality.

Hannah, who works as an LSA, was the dark horse in the Miss Malta 2019/20 competition, having never competed in this type of event before. However, she decided to give it a go, just for the fun of it. Little did she know that her charismatic character and beauty would take her all the way to the finish line. She now holds the titles of Miss Malta 2020, Miss Congeniality 2020, Miss Solidarity 2020 and Miss Gwida 2020. We wish Hannah the best of luck in her future career and are proud to be her sponsors throughout her Miss Malta journey.

Hannah Giacchino posing during the Miss Malta final

*Photo credit for feature image of Neil Agius: Chris Sant Fournier 

Photo credit for feature image of Hannah Giacchino: Carlo Tonna De Lorenzo

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