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The Bed Boutique

The bed boutique is an area where you will be spoilt for choice. Form has been in the bedding business since 1947 and has always been at the forefront with innovative bedding products. We have everything you will need, from customized mattresses, headboards, beds and pillows to mattress protectors and luxurious duvets.

In today’s world, bedding choices are becoming wider as a result of increased expectations but personalization can only be delivered by niche operations. At Form, we thrive on our ability to deliver on this score based on our know-how and experience in bedding.

Working with Dunlopillo, a world leader, since 1947, we acquired deep knowledge in the world of latex foam and synthetic foams. For many years we relied on the provision of innovative materials such as Talalay latex in different densities as well as some super foams that worked well with latex and which we combined to provide sleeping solutions that standard ranges were unable to provide. We could supply not only different densities to satisfy the needs of the average person but also adapt them to the elderly and heavy weights to provide correct body alignment.

The resilience of natural latex in the correct density means that the end user enjoys the right support over a much longer period of time. This is why Dunlopillo has been so successful worldwide. Other merits include the unique cellular structure of latex with a change of air with every body movement as well as its non-allergenic properties making natural latex the most hygienic bedding product around. There is a reason people feel sleeping on natural latex feels like sleeping on air and with nature. In addition, our latex range (KOOL and KOOL Deluxe) is available in a hybrid format with a choice of luxury open cell memory foams that not only provide extra stress and pressure relief but an even cooler sleep.

For those who prefer spring mattresses, we were the first to introduce pocket springs to Malta. In this case the mattress surface is covered by springs individually pocketed in a type of stock interconnected to each other. The main feature of pocket spring mattresses is that the springs work independently of each other and can adapt to the body’s contours unlike the traditional spring units. We only provide the best springs units in Europe and the USA and use generous foam layers to ensure that the springs work well in tandem with the foam. Some are very specialized to ensure the mattress will provide not only independent focused sleep but also proper and long-term support.

The range of spring mattresses available range from standard models (DIPLOMAT and DEBONAIR) to deep sleep models (SARABAND and CELESTIAL) which incorporate luxury foams and memory gel foams or latex layers depending on what the customer prefers.

Comfort, durability, correct bedding alignment and ultimate customer satisfaction is what we have been providing since 1947 and continue to strive to achieve every day using our bedding expertise and the latest and most innovative components. So if you are looking for a bed made exactly to your requirements get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to help!

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