Now at Form – Dutchbone & Zuiver

Vintage, echoes of the rock & roll era, straight out of Grease, the swinging sixties, fun, colour and youthful exuberance, casual living and joie de’ vivre all come to mind when thinking of Zuiver and Dutchbone furniture. This retro trend in decoration provides the backbone of the furniture and accessories collections by Zuiver and Dutchbone now on display at Form. Appealing to the young and the eclectic, each piece can trace its roots to a distinctive design associated with the recent past.]Whether you are decorating a loft, an old house, a youngsters’ room, a café, diner, a wall or a corner you will discover that the special feature you are looking for is there for you. The selection of rugs, cushions, tables both low or for dining, chairs, armchairs, sofas, floor and hanging lights, mirrors, shelving, cabinets, sideboards and so much more (with even more to come on a regular basis) are all available at fantastic prices. A welcome addition to the many choices at Form.

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