Lighting Ideas for your Dining Room

Oftentimes the most difficult part of furnishing a room, lighting can very easily be overdone or underdone. In a dining room, lighting is essential as it’s a space to eat and chat during family and group meals, and no one wants to do either in complete darkness. Whilst the amount of options available may seem […]

Dutchbone Lighting Promo

Take advantage of a 10% discount across our Dutchbone range of lighting. The offer is valid from Thursday 20 January till Sunday 30 January and can be ordered both online through our online shop or by clicking on the below links as well as in-store. Discount is available on new orders only and not on […]

Decorating a room – The finishing touches

Decorating your favourite room can be as daunting as attempting a complicated jigsaw puzzle. The decoration of interiors is an exercise that aims at achieving harmony between the various components that complete the jigsaw. Ideally, the exercise would cover the whole space, outdoors included, and not just a single room. Decorating a space is much […]